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BT014 vs PP vs Dunlop Qualifers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by xzibit, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I need a new front tyre for my Gsxr 750. Currently I'm running BT014 and the front isn't giving me much confidence. This could be because they're old and time for a change.
    So this is lead to a new set of tyres, Dunlop Qualifiers or Pilot Powers or just replace the front with a BT014? I'm goal this year is to do a couple of track days, hopefully 4 by xmas. I also commuter to work possibly 3-4 days a week. Any personal experiences on these brands?

  2. I've had long-term experience with the Dunlops (forget 'em, they're rubbish) and the Pilot Powers (rear was canvas and front was scalloped to buggery by 4500km) so I wouldn't recommend either of those. Plenty of others think the Powers are great.

    My bet would be the bridgestones, you can't get BT014 anymore, I think they're up to 016 and I reckon they're beaut. Also MEtzeler's M3 and most of Pirelli's stuff are great too.
  3. I switched my 07 gsxr600 from bt014s to pilot powers and had an immediate improvement in the front end. I use my bike for track days and have 3 days in these tyres stil with good tread left. I'd recommend them. I didn't think much of the bt014s.
  4. I went from qualifiers to pilot powers on my ZX9R and they were much better, so they get my vote. I wouldn't bother with the dunlops anymore, they just don't inspire the same level of confidence.
  5. It all depends on what you use the bike for, and how you'd like for her to behave really. More flickable? PPs. More mileage lot less grip? Qualifiers (I personally rate them reaaaally low).
    But as said before, you can't get BT-014s anymore. And the BT-016 is an awesome tire!!! But you'd have to compare it to the PP 2CTs to be fair as it is also a multi compound tire.
    You really can't go wrong with any of these 2, there are loads of grip to be had. If you're running out of grip on these tires on the road (under normal circumstances) you should definitely be at the track (probably racing too!) and their wearing pattern isn't so bad either. But you will get less mileage out of them than on the regular PPs.
  6. Metzler M3s :wink:
  7. I ran Mez 3 Racing on the SP1, brilliant tyre.

    They then changed the name to M1 sportecs from memory.

    I then tried Pilot Powers and was sold. I'm a huge fan of the Pilot Powers.

    I had Dunlop 204's on the ZX6R and they were atrocious. I was told to go the 207's they were equally as woeful as the 204's.

    I've never looked at DunFlops again.
  8. Well I'll be installing a set of GP209s on Saturday, thought I give Dunlop another shot. The Qualifiers are horrible IMO but I've seen people using them at the track and doing times I only wish I could touch, so I'm sure there's more to do with me than with the tire.
  9. The M3's supercede the M1's. The M1's spun up reasonably easy, although they were always predictable when they slid, just that they did it rather easily. The M1's also chewed themselves apart fairly quickly.

    The M3's compared to the M1's are like chalk and cheese. The M3's are just better, plain and simple. Can't really fault them, aside from being slightly difficult to obtain stock at the drop of a hat.
  10. Thanks Stew.

    I admit to shredding an M1 in 2500km of spirited riding.

    I did get 4000km out of one on the SP1.

    That bike chewed through tyres as much as it did my hearing. ;)
  11. Well, my Maxxis are still great, I'll be putting them on again.
  12. I'm a riding nanna, (compared to most here :LOL:) but I reckon the BT-014/16 is the bees knees on the Hornet. (But I've got a 16" front wheel, and I reckon some tyres suit some bikes real well, and not others..)
  13. Haven't used PP's but Qualifiers are far superior to BT014's imho.
  14. Im using pirelli super corsa 3's, and i have to say there an awesome tyre. Bit pricey, and no longevity, but as a weekend/trackday rider, they are the buisness. If your worried about confidence, put these on...atleast then you know its not the tyre its you lol
  15. thanks for the advice everyone. i told by Peter Stevens they still have BT014s in stock, running them out i think. Seems like PPs are the way to go. Anyone know of specials on PPs in melbourne?
  16. Theres no way i could ever get the mileage with pilot powers that i got from the m3s :wink:
  17. Seriously give the BT-014's a miss...in my experience a shocking tyre...for me it's pilot powers all the way.

    Go and see Glenn at Peter Stevens Tyre Centre in Ringwood or give him a call 9870 0222. Tell him Keith with the Black Superduke referred you and I'm sure he will look after you.

  18. They'd be all the original ones that smart buyers of new GSXR's had taken off before delivery! :grin:
  19. How hard do you push? I like the power 2ct but mostly for the turn in speed and the ability to get on the power early, on the 750 you probably wont need the turn in speed so give a shout out to Flux, I value his opinion tremendously on matters of scooting it a bit.
  20. OK, I went with the Dragon Supercorsa SC2. The gentleman at the shop said these are the bomb, awesome on track and road. A little longer to warm up than PPs but wear at the same rate.