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BT Intercom from Third gear

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Takamii, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Okay so I bought a BT headset for the helmet

    I haven't had one before and didn't know what to expect and whether i would like it or not

    so I decided to buy a cheaper unit to see if I could live with it


    Well I never play tunes before when riding - wish I had though makes the ride more fun - so I should have got a BT unit 2 years ago when i started riding.

    So far so good for a two hour ride - easy to pair - easy to install - sound is ok ( but have no other unit to compare it with )

    for $80 or so for a single unit I was happy
  2. I love mine. I paid about half that tho, altho maybe it isn't the same unit.

    Sound quality is not so great compared to earbuds, but I hated wearing earbuds, plus I love the ability to control the iPhone from the headset so can live with the sound quality.

    Later on, I may hunt around for a better one. Do they make ones with really good speakers (comparatively)?

    I've never used mine to speak to another rider, although I've now received the grand total of 2 phone calls whilst riding, so I know it works for that. Mostly use for music on the go.
  3. so is it comfortable to have inside the helmet? Have you tried talking while riding too?
  4. I had the more expensive pair (that claimed weatherproof) for me and Kim (on separate bikes), they worked well until it rained, one failed, then both failed, they were replaced but failed again and were replaced then eventually one just fell off the mount and disappeared so I gave up.

    They no longer offer the model I purchased.