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BS Road Conditions, rider down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by xcamx, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Riding home last night through mitcham i notice alwyn road blocked off, ambulance, cops and people standing around.

    As i road through this morning i slowed down to inspect and notice a crater in the ground, and i mean CRATER surrounded by loose gravel. i managed to swing wide then stand it up as i rode through the gravel.

    Now a fellow workmate tells me it was a rider down yesterday, and apparently in bad shape. Only details i know is bike was 250...

    It's really good to see the road was fixed this morning FFS. whoever the rider is i hope he is alive and ok.
  2. meteor showers are one of my pet road hates up there with deranged elderly drivers.

    call vicroads road conditions line and tell them the crater has caused a serious accident they should have it fixed within hours. i hope the rider is ok.
  3. why is it everytime they have to wait till something happen before they fix it up.. can't they do it the other way round.
  4. That would be logical.
  5. Because VicRoads don't have people travelling roads constantly looking for potholes to be fixed ... and too few road users call it in for repair, preferring just to write about it in a forum or tell their mates - none of which can fix it for the next rider.
  6. VicRoads Road Condition Reporting Line (03) 9854 2899
  7. Vic roads don't wanna know about it.

    I will be contacting the local councel again later on when 'people aren't in a meeting'
  8. Yup .. many peoples experience. Yet, according to VicRoads, they take all calls and contact the relevant region/councils themselves. You try to tell them otherwise, and they don't believe you :roll:
  9. Why not? Main Roads WA do. They have a team constantly patrolling for road damage, verge collapse, and barrier condition. That's all part of what we pay rego for isn't it?
  10. It's really good huh, you would think after a serious possibly even fatal accident people would care

    I hope its fixed by the time i ride home, or i'll be seriously pissed.
  11. So if you take what your saying is they should do it the other way round, strictly as written... they should fix it up first and then wait for something to happen???
  12. Yes. Must be completely & literally the other way around...

    ...arsesmart :)
  13. I came down the Gt Western Hwy for the first time ever to work today, and there were some great immpressions of the grand canyon on display. I had to swerve heaps to dodge the busloads of Japanese tourists pulled up takeing pictures of them...apparently you can gat a donkey ride to the bottom of the valley for $5.....
  14. Man, I used to live in Alwyn Street

    See, I leave and the place goes to pieces :evil:
  15. lol, it's a nice street. Anywhoo the craters fixed, it's kind of a speed hump now. still couldn't get through to the council rep, i think i should put them AND vic roads on speed dial :evil:
  16. Hey Cam, that's probably not a bad idea... given the amount of dodgy road conditions you seem to ride through :wink:

    good to hear they fixed the crater :)
  17. What, since Vic moved out :p