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Bryant attempts cell 'self harm'

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ezyryder, Mar 26, 2007.

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  2. ->kcuf<- him! I'd have helped him and saved us all some tax $$$$
  3. ....still trying...

    Nope. Not gonna happen. Stuff him.

  4. I like the eye for an eye system
  5. There's a fair bit of doubt around that he actually did it... (Shamelessly quoted from another forum):

    Some witness reports:

  6. Why do we mention him? Never forget that two of the victims were riders, and members of the Preston MCC in Melb. I hope that they are resting in peace.
  7. That's interesting..... 99.9% of us only know what happened there in port arthur through the media.

    So anything can be true as far as i'm concerned.
  8. Thanks Loz...just what we need, another grassy knoll, Pentagon and WTC conspiracy thread.

    Of course, the Shooters lobby would have absolutely NO self interest in trying to infer a conspiracy. The next logical step is to guess at who then did do the murders, leave it a little open and wait until someone blames the Govt, The Greens, Wiggles etc...

    Pass me the popcorn, this will be interesting....
  9. Nope, the gun lobby leaves this one well alone, and quickly boots out people who claim it was a conspiracy, or anything like that. It's very, very bad form for public relations, and fair enough. You're spot on wrong there mate.

    There are plenty of strange things that happened that day. Nothing conspiratorial, but the investigation, the police response and the communication on the ground was mind-blowingly awful. I'm not too sure about the conspiracy theories as there isn't a real motive behind it. Unrealistic gun control was always going to happen in Australia, it was just a matter of when.

    My ex-girlfriend was outside the Broad Arrow Cafe when Martin Bryant walked in and killed the majority of his victims in just a few minutes. No real meaning behind that story, but she's got some pretty bloody awful stories from that day.
  10. Apologies regarding the inference, but the links to the statements were from a shooters website.

    As with all conspiracies, for it to have any mileage there has to be a reason for it. Hence why the Pentagon attack specifically fails to work for me. Likewise with Port Arthur.

    What I find offensive is how people can make such statements or start these topics with bland statements about 'how it just doesn't seem right', with the idea that our own imaginations will run riot and take the story along for them.

    I visited PA on the Tassie tour and the sense of something awful happening is pervasive, not just for the general site, but specifically the location of the cafe. The memorial is beautifully done, so peaceful and respectful. The people who died were real, died awful deaths and such a waste. Truly horrible.

    On conspiracies, when someone can actually state a fact, back it up with expert testimony and then be prepared to defend it without resorting to innuendo, conjecture and slander, I'll be prepared to listen.
  11. Would the media stories and government press releases meet the same test standards Cejay? :grin:
  12. Implying what?

    Seriously, the way these stories start are through people making bland statements and suggestions. They develop a life of their own, become legend and then have to be continually defended. Meanwhile, no one ever queries the original assertion that started the debate.

    As an example. There are people who have seriously questioned me about the Wombat. I mean, FFS, it was just one off hand comment I made and it developed a whole life and logon of its own.

    Using that as a start point, we can just about query anything and everything. It's the whole basis of Holocaust deniers, Pearl Harbour conspiracies, JFK, Martin Luther etc....
  13. There are some interesting facts that did come out later however.
    Tassie police had received numerous complaints about Bryant shooting at birds etc, around his house but only half heartedly followed up. By rights he was not fit to hold a firearms licence and they should have taken it off him.

    The first copper (a sgt) on scene was not armed as it was not required in Tassie at that time. If he had been he could have stopped the whole thing with a double tap. Radio reports have him about 20-30 meters away from Bryant.

    NB: There was no grassy knoll.......
  14. What a total crock of sh1t. I won't begin to address the specific inaccuracies and ridiculous claims in that rubbish, but it doesn't take a great deal of skill to kill large numbers of helpless frightened people cowering under tables, any American 14yo can do it.........several have.
  15. Bryant entitled to healthcare: expert
    Monday Mar 26 09:59 AEST

    Evil Bastard: Martin Bryant

    Community anger over Australia's worst mass murderer is understandable but Martin Bryant is
    entitled to healthcare after he apparently cut his wrist in a Tasmanian jail, a prison reform advocate

    Prison Action Reform legal adviser and barrister Greg Barns has urged the community to have
    compassion for Bryant, who is serving 35 life sentences for killing 35 people at Port Arthur in 1996.

    "I can understand community anger over Martin Bryant is perfectly understandable but all prisoners
    including Mr Bryant are entitled to receive adequate mental and physical health care,"
    Mr Barns said.

    Mr Barns said Bryant has been a difficult prisoner but there was a disgraceful public outcry
    earlier this year, when people were outraged that he was getting mental health treatment at the
    Wilfred Lopes mental health centre at the prison.

    "He is entitled, as every human being is entitled, to receive decent mental health treatment," he said.

    "You achieve nothing in society with vengeance.

    "If our society is going to be built on the basis that we all hope Martin Bryant kills himself, then we debase
    ourselves as a society and we lower ourselves to the level that he took us in 1996."

    Full Story: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=93407
  16. I agree with that. How could we judge him as inhuman if we are prepared to act in similar fasion. I hope he rots in jail for what he did, but we should act correctly.
  17. What can I say, fcuk him. :evil:
  18. Killing the bastard would have been too easy, l am happy to pay for the bastard to stay in Jail, so he can think about what he has done for the rest of his life, that's a better punishment than death.
  19. Ah but therein lies the problem. Without excusing him (I don't) you cannot compare him to say Julian Knight. One was an intelligent, trained person who knew what he was doing. The other someone who on the evidence should have been given more treatment and help.

    (edited:) I agree that on the suface the comments above are fair. My argument is that I don't believe he is capable of understanding what he did fully, and therefore will never fully be "punished".

    There is a fair argument that DOCS Tassie Police and the like are as guilty as him by allowing the whole situation to get that far. By rights all firearms should have been taken off him, he was under treatment for mental illness.
  20. Not even going to reply, every one has an opinion on this I am sure, everyone please ensure your comments/opinions are
    relative to the topic heading otherwise I can see this thread being locked up like the man himself.