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Bruthern to Mt Hotham

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by mjt57, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Just rode from Bruthern to Bright via Mt Hotham. Just be aware that there are multiple sections which are now zoned as 80 km/h. Also, many sections now have solid centre lines, so passing in what are safe spots is now illegal.

    I would imagine local traffic cops having a field day during the summer months along here.

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  2. I'll be doing that run soon, how's the road condition after winter, potholes gravel wise etc?
  3. For the most part it's OK. Some areas have some small potholes, a bit of gravel here and there. But it's a case of "rider beware". Conditions change, constantly.

  4. At the rate passing opportunities are disappearing everywhere, the entire state will be double lines by 2020.
  5. That's what the Adelaide Hills are like these days , an absolute PITA !
  6. Omeo to Hotham is hot these days, and to Bruthen,
  7. We rode the B500 from Omeo down to Bruthen & back again the other day. The road twists along a canyon by the Tambo river.


    It's a fantastic ride.
  8. Ensay Pub is great for an overnighter and it has a lock up garage for the bikes, Cheap,
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  9. We should go for a ride down that way and check it out soon.....
  10. Highly amusing . . . rub it in , why doncha ?? :D
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  11. I will, Next week, Hahahahaaha
  12. Yes , I know - lucky , lucky bastiches ! :)
  13. How about this one,

    The Twistys start at the top of my drive and go 500 miles eastwards to Eden, Hahahahahahaha, Eat your heart out, Do a few laps of the gap road out of Modbury,
  14. Cocky , much ? :p Mate , I know , as I was saying to @Ned at Bright the other weekend , that's the problem with SA - once you're out of the Adelaide Hills you've got to go a long way to get to any decent twisty roads .
  15. 400 miles of fog, sitting just below eye height, You got a Crink in your neck and back from looking under the stuff, Freezing cold,
    Thats about the only time I have ever liked dead straight roads,
    Melbourne to Adelaide, Fog all the way, Or stinking hot,
    Who would go there, Hahahahahaha,
    We did, quite a few times, Adelaide for the weekend, Fun,
    And those Crazys on their Bloody Scooters over there, Hahahahaha
    I did try one, A really Suped up one, No Idea what it was,
    Never again will I ride one of those, They just dont corner like a bike does, Hahahahahaha, Scraaaaaaaapppppppeeeee and two wheels in the air, Such Fun,
  16. ^^ can't say I've done the fog . Rain all the way from Adelaide to Ballarat , yep . 42deg Adelaide to Warrnambool , yep . Rain from Sydney to Bairnsdale , yep .
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  17. I did this run from Bright to Bruthen
    I did the ride from Bright/Hotham/Omeo/Swifts Creek/Bruthen/Bairnsdale on the weekend and know the spot exactly. Great ride but peed limits are terrible. You need to make a choice between doing the speed limit and having a great time and coping the consequences. We chose the latter :D