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Bruthen to Bombala, via McKillops Rd (Assistance Please.)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Sir Skuffy, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. Subject, Original : Assistance Please.
    Subject, Moderated : Bruthen to Bombala, via McKillops Rd (Assistance Please.)

    Hi all, I need some assistance on the following route:
    1). How much is dirt
    2). It looks like fun, is it
    3). Fuel stops?

    Nowra Nowra Rd onto Bruthen Buchan Rd onto Buchan Rd onto McKillops Rd going past Cabanandra onto Bonang Rd going past Delegate River East onto Bonang Delegate Rd going through Delegate and onto Bombala
  2. Mitch have a chat to someone in DSE at Cann River. Most of that route would be in their area and the info will be better that a "sub continent" dude at Vic Roads.

    Phone number PM'd
  3. G'day Mitch

    McKillops Rd is dirt. (On my to-do list - see pic)
    Bonang Rd has a couple of short dirt sections.
    As far as I can see the rest is sealed, but not in great nick, and the roads are narrow.

    Buchan has fuel (or had last time I was there).

  4. Hmmmmmm, could be a fun route for the 4Ms ride this year......
  5. Re: Assistance Please.

    Almost that same question/topic was asked recently.
    You may also find some helpful information in these threads.

    Bruthen to Bega via C620,C608,C611,C612 (Road info Please.)

    C611, McKillops Rd. Wulgulmerang East to Bonang

    (NSW/VIC) Delegate to Orbost - Road Quality

    It is a good idea to search on Route Numbers in this Forum if you want information on specific roads.
  6. First up for the mods, apologies if linking to another site/forum is not allowed and iif so feel free to do whatever is necessary.

    The link below is a ride report of a Ride I did last year along much of your intended route but reverse direction (report covers my way there etc).


    Whilst I headed to Jindabyne along the Barry Way and not into Victoria it is best to say that most of McKillops is dirt, but good dirt although with no real room for error.

    The McKillops ride is difficult because you do have some serious drops off the side and the road is incredibly narrow so care is required and pace will be slow in most places (advised that you go slow).

    Bonang, well I have done a few times at it is mainly sealed and if memory serves right is only a few short patches of dirt anyway, just can't remember which side of Bruthen although am sure there is some good dirt on the NSW side of the border. All easy though.

    As for the road to Bombala you first get to Delegate where fuel was available last yer so expect it to be this year as the place gets a lot of through bike traffic. The road from Delegate to Bombala is fast sweepers but personally I find it boring as bats and at this time of year there may well be snow or ice so be careful

  7. Thanks Garry for the consideration.
    Your link is not a problem, because you are actually contributing to the conversation.

    In fact, your first hand description is exemplar of the discussion we would like to see here.

    As for others thinking of linking to another site/forum,
    it does become a problem when there are only a couple of words
    and a link solely intended to boost readership of another website.