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Bruthen to Bega via C620,C608,C611,C612 (Road info Please.)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by deadman, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. The road from Bruthen to Buchan, C620.
    Buchan to Wulgulmerang to Deddich Valley to Tubbut and Bonang to Delegate, Bombala road, Bombala, Candelo, Bega road,

    Are these roads sealed, and if not, how much dirt is to be expected.

    Any other info on these roads would be appreciated, as we might be doing these roads this Saturday,



  2. Thanks Smee, But it dont show wether it is sealed or not.
    It looks like a good bike road, But my Bird really doesnt like dirt.

  3. Between Orbost and Bombala, if you go on that road (Bonang Highway?) has around 30 or so kays of dirt.

    And no, B'birds don't particularly like it. Particularly when the rider has a hangover to end all hangovers and the temp's up around 40 degs...

  4. Mjt57.

    Its not the Bonang Hwy I was looking at,

    Its the road Buchan to Wulgulmerang across through the Deddick Valley to Bonang.

    C608 and C611 that I am interested in, Has this road got dirt and how much, It looks like a top road on the map.

  5. My puta is having a malfuntion,

    Deddick Valley is what I put in,

  6. It must think it is a swear word or something,

    Try Tubbut instead,

  7. Lots of info on away-from-the-hwy-roads on advrider + netrider

    There's ~90k's dirt between Seldom Seen (south of Wulgulmerang) and Bonang Settlement (all of the McKillops Rd.)
    Then another 20k's between Bonang and Delegate.
  8. Yeah McKillops road is the one I was talking about,

    Thanks for the info that it is all dirt, I will stay off it,

    Dont want to bend the Bird, Shame, It looks like a top road on the map.