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Brutale 800 vs ST3R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Grendel, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Hi, it's time. I have the finances reasonably under control and I'm looking for a new bike. The MV Agusta Brutale 800 is on the list but as someone who's come off a ST3R, that's my point of reference. I can't find any meaningful comparisons on the net (in English). Anyone have any info? Anyone test-rode the 800?

  2. I rode the MV 675 & the Street R on the weekend. No comparison. The MV sounds sexier up in the rev range, and those pipes are hot, but in every other way the Triumph is better. The throttle on the MV just doesn't feel connected, and its vibey, and the dash is lower grade. The Triumph feels two generations further on, and that was only a 2010 Street.

    The 800 having a bit more power isn't going to overcome all of that. It'll be the Triumph for me.
  3. Every time I see something about MV it usually contains the word "character" followed by "unrefined". Generally the electronics aren't up to scratch or calibrated properly like Triumph, then you get the other Italian quirks down the track...

    Would be the Triumph for me any day aswell, the STR is one nice bit of kit, though it really should have got the new Daytona's engine this year. Honestly I don't see how they can improve on it much further rather than that.
  4. I test rode the brutale 800. Go and ride it. Was awesome. And I'm still tossing up between a few bikes, including the Street triple r.
    Interested to see how you go.
    The one I rode kept telling me I was in Neutral, but I wasn't.
    They know about it and will fix it.
    Felt great. Very mental but great.
  5. Thanks for the comments. I have to travel interstate to find an MV dealer, so it's a bit of a commitment. But should be fun anyway.
  6. Just remember you are likely to need their services in the future aswell so I would make sure there is someone within a reasonable distance.
  7. The 675 I tested spewed coolant all over the road. I posted a review in the Shiver thread a while back but the conclusion was to buy a Triumph. Wouldn't mind testing the 800 though, anyone know if they have a demo in Melbourne yet?
  8. I'd thought about servicing and I think I have a local guy who's got a good rep and can do MVs. but yeah, a local dealer would be much better. I have some other options, but just can't get a solid info about the MV 800 that doesn't read like a paid article.
  9. Also, my 2009 ST3R had problems with electrics too, had the R/R replaced under warranty and had to buy a trickle charge for the bike.
  10. Was more referring to warranty work, being Italian I could see something failing at some point under warranty and you don't want to be traveling all the way back to get it done. That is a bit of a stereotype though I guess.
  11. Ride them both and see which one floats your boat, easy!
  12. Wait for the Yamaha triple mt-09? It looks like it could be better and cheaper than both. Could.