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brushed aluminium frames

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Vin, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. Has anyone done there frame as a brushed aluminium look instead of the polished aluminium. If so how did you do and did you clear it with anything?

  2. very difficult to replicate indeed.....its actually nuetral anodised from the factory...some times we have had success in doing them in a candy style....mixed up a grey 2k overcoat diluted with 2k matte clear...very hard to get rid of the black feathered edge tho...very tricky....another way i have done it is to 240 grit it running in the grain of the frame and put weling pickling paste over it to oxidise it then matte clear it.....it really does depend on the finish on each particular model
  3. The owner of the bike before me did a patch paint job on one side of the frame which is now coming off.

    What does the "weling pickling paste" do?

    I would like it to be shinny still just not polished. I was told to remove the old anodising, re-do the grain the way i want than clear coat with a gloss clear. Have you seen anyone do that?

    Is there any other ways to customise the frame, i've customised most of my bike and was just looking for something a little different.
  4. i done a typo.....its welding pickling paste.....its a corrosive agent....If your going to clear it matte 2k clear is the go
  5. Yeah i think matte might look better. Might have to get some cheap paint that comes off easy to see whats going to look better. I've got a lot of sanding ahead of me though.
    Thanks for the help.