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Brumby left reeling as whip quits

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by quietman, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/brumby-left-reeling-as-whip-quits-20100825-13s6s.html

    So not just Federal Labour in turmoil.

    Nice timing for the state election in a few months :)
  2. And exactly why he's done it (the timing, that is). He was overlooked for pre-selection.

    I dunno why he didn't simply resign from the ALP and move across the floor as an independant. At least then he's still have his seat, his salary (and the super for when he does retire) and he'd be able to vote against anything that the government put up.

    But then, this is probably a greater news grab than anything else (and he still gets his super).

    Thing is, the comment about "faceless know-it-alls" is what party politics is about. Whether it's Labor, Liberal, The Greens or whoever. You have these so call power brokers calling the shots, often people who've never been elected by the people, but rather chosen for their connections within the party. Michael Kroger of the Libs comes to mind.
  3. "A few months" is ages for this stuff to be forgotten. As it's widely known, it's usually just the last few weeks that actually matter in an election sadly enough.
  4. And how long do people think it takes to organise a by-election....? If my calculations are correct we will have a by-election DURING the campaign for the state election....

    Can someone tell me a better way to peeve electors??
  5. So no more bondage sessions in Spring St cos the Whip has quit :rofl:

    Neil Mitchell as suggesting that both sides get together and decide to live with it as Tramp has mentioned the by election would be a few weeks prior to the main election and a complete waste of time and money.

    We wait to see if Common Sense will prevail BUT we are dealing with some pretty specific laws here.
  6. And therein lies the problem!

    The Electoral Act 2002 governs the process.

    Writs for elections

    61. Writs for elections

    (1) A writ for a general election must be issued by the Governor-

    (a) in the case of the expiration of the Assembly, on the day on which the
    Assembly expires; or

    (b) in the case of the dissolution of the Assembly, within 7 days after
    the dissolution.

    (2) A writ for a by-election for the election of a member of the Assembly must
    be issued by the Speaker within one month after the occurrence of the vacancy.

  7. You don't get overlooked for preselection because of "faceless men" power brokers or anything else. You get dumped from preselection because you haven't been performing or because you've screwed things up.

    Good examples are Belinda Neal (Labor) and Pat Farmer (Liberal) who both lost preselection prior to this Federal election. It didn't help Pat Farmer that he lived in Mosman and his electorate of Macarthur was over an hour away.
  8. But he's held this seat for 11 years, I believe? So he's stuffed up something monumental to justify being dumped in that case.
  9. He didn't just lose the preselection, he lost it a month ago but deliberately waited till now to dump on the government.

    From crikey.com

    In 2005, he was involved in an “acrimonious dispute” with a long-time staffer, who later accused the MP of pressuring him to drop a defamation action, in return for backing for a Banyule Council mayoral tilt.

    Late last year, Langdon was embroiled in another council feud, this time over claims he threatened to run over a candidate’s son and called her a “stupid cow” and a “biatch”.

    A group of influential powerbrokers in the Premier’s office are said to be concerned if further allegations come to light, they have the potential to derail the Labor government or decimate it in opposition, such is their supposed seriousness. Sources say parliamentary privilege could be used against Langdon by the opposition in the lead-up to the election.