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Brumby launches another assault on motorists

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by CamKawa, May 9, 2009.

  1. I find it interesting that as government revenue declines fines go up. I wonder if there's any relationship between the two.

    But then again it's all about safety isn’t it. LOL

  2. Moved to off topic, no motorcycle content though hopefully it may make it safer for us.
  3. I don't think increasing fines will make it safer for us no matter what the offence. Increased detection will, but that may cost the government more money than it raises and therein lays the problem.
  4. Wouldn't this be a "politics, laws.." topic?

    Anyway, the road toll is an easy thing to focus on. Motherhood issues, always are. Focus on that, take attention away from more pressing matters such as health, education, natural resources, and so on.
  5. As someone who has been nicked on the phone(Though I was at a red light at the time, still against the law). I am still all for an increase in the fines for this offense, and even more so for the seatbelt one. Both are becoming more prevelant, especially around the Melb CBD(where I live) Bring it on.

    What I would also like to see is a more leniant approach points wise for very low range(sub 15km/h over) speeding offences, and perhaps a pro-rata increase in fines to correspond to it
  6. These hoons should have their cars and phones crushed! :LOL:

    Especially Thera! She's a danger to society with her stoplight shenanigans! She could've accidentally let off the brake pedal and coasted to yet another road fatality!

    Jokes aside though, I reckon harsher penalties for phone use while driving isn't a bad thing. As long as the revenue raised goes to better roads, I won't complain. Now if the money goes to those irritating speeding "no one thinks big of you"ads.... well then, me and the man's got a real big problem... :LOL:
  7. In what reality do phones and seatbelts contribute 30% to the serious injury count?
  8. buy 2 identical cars, drive one into a wall with a seat belt on at 40 km/h, and the other without. Let us know how you get on, please.
  9. buy 2 identical cars drive one while talking/texting and plow into the defencles bike rider at the lights.
    you will need the other driver to stop a render assistance as the first won't even relise they have mowed you down :evil:

  10. Winner!!!!!
  11. No, because speed is the cause of 90% of serious injuries isnt it? In all honesty i wouldnt be surprised if the real figure was that high. Im sure changing cd's counts for a few as well. Cracking down on these is attention taken away from speeding, which cant really be a bad thing.
  12. Hang on guys...let's all take a reality pill.
    How many of us never drive a car ????
  13. Thera is a bloke, I think
  14. or a very ugly sheila. lol
  15. What? Motorcyclists don't talk on the mobile phone while riding?

    I think we are going to see alot of little things like this. There going to bring all of this stuff out trying to make it look like the goverment is just trying to make our roads safer. It doesn't matter if the fine is $20 or $200, the fact is the people who do it don't do it thinking "It's only $100, I'll be right" they do it because they think they won't get caught.

    Goverment has to pay for this years budget some how don't they?
  16. Not what I said - the raised consequences of an accident without a seatbelt compared to with seatbelts doesn't mean that 1 in every 3 accidents involving serious injuries will be a result of either phone use or lack of seatbelts.

    I would be - considering factors like alchohol/drug influence, fatigue, speed, general incompetence, road conditions/weather, changing CD/radio station, reading map, kids/mates mucking around in the back seat... surely all of that would account for more than 70%.

    It's a moot point anyway, I'm sure someone somewhere could produce statistics to confirm it, and someone else could provide stats to refute it. It's a nice big number for the government to sell the fine hikes.

    The flip-side is that it must be happening a bit or the government wouldn't bother targetting these specific things, wouldn't be worth the effort.

    Do people still not wear seat-belts in cars? Seriously?
  17. I regularly see cars in the city with unrestrained kids in them. People are stupid it seems.
  18. I read some where (can't find it now though) that the number of speed cameras is going up as well. Like more than double. B#gger it, I can't find the article for the life of me.
  19. It's all about revenue. Pay your fines by the due date, you criminals, or the Budget will go into deficit.
  20. Well they have to re-coup their $900 somehow........

    Yeah they are going to double the amount of hours the camera's are running to 7000hours or something, and double the amount of fixed combo camera's on intersections I think.............. cant find the article either.


    There is one of the stories.