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'Bruce' was cleaned up today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lil, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Mum (Bruce to those in the know :wink: ) was cleaned up by a taxi doing a U turn this morning on Bridge road at Lennox street. Another case of SMIDSY (except he didn't look to see her in the first place :evil: ). Haven't seen the bike, but mum thinks its OK.

    She spent the day in St. V's and has a displaced shoulder joint, dislocated right thumb, badly bruised hip sore foot (it was caught in the back wheel :shock: ...the firies were going to have to cut the back wheel to free her, but the ambos managed).

    I spoke to the police this evening (who weren't particularly helpful, but then, it didn't happen on his shift) and don't know what the deal is at this stage with charges being laid. Fortunately, this occurred in the 40kph bit (and mum had checked her speed shortly before to make sure she wasn't over), so it seems damage was relatively minimal.

    Bruce is in good spirits and it hasn't put her off riding (she was actually surprised she didn't break anything!).
  2. glad she is ok, taxi drivers seem to put the cabs on auto pilot and not pay attention to anything that happens around them... glad the firies didnt have to sacrafice her wheel, to free her foot, they were possibly just looking for a excuse to get the jaws of life out :LOL:

    wasnt it your old man that had a off the other week?
  3. Hope she recovers quickly, and :evil: to the driver.
  4. Glad to hear everything is ok. \:D/
  5. Nope....dad's terrified of getting on the bike (I took him out once and he's quite happy to watch me ride off into the sunset :p )
  6. Sorry to hear this lil,
    hope your mum heals well and gets back on the duc soon.
  7. FFS... What is with cagers...
    Goot to hear your mum is up about and not being put off by it.
  8. hope she has a speedy recovery.... good luck..
  9. Thank goodness this wasn't BEFORE the wedding!!!

    I hope she's better soon, shoulders really do hurt :(.
  10. Sounds like 'Bruce' is a pretty tough lady! :)

    Glad to hear she's not too badly knocked around, here's to a speedy recovery!
  11. good to hear "Bruce" is doing okay.
    figgin smidsys are everywhere.
  12. Thank goodness your Mum is okay Lil, here's to a speedy recovery :angel:
  13. Mrs Stookie,

    Sorry to hear about your mums accident...pass on Shans and my best wishes for a speedy recovery..and hope the driver gets whats coming to him :evil:
  14. Best wishes to your Mum for a quick recovery lil. :) With a bit of luck she's right about the bike being ok and she can get back on it in no time. :grin:

    Fuggin taxi drivers! One left me sliding sidways on the eastern yesterday (in the car). I say ban the bastards! :evil: :LOL:
  15. Sorry to hear about your mum’s accident…Hoping for a speedy recovery…
  16. Hi Lil, I am really glad to hear that your mum is ok . I know first hand what damage can be done in an accident as someone very close to me was hit almost nine months ago by a courier driver :( . Dam couriers and cab drivers :evil: ... Unfortunatly after almost nine months charges are yet to be laid. I hope the police in your state are in a position to act faster . Don't fret too much about the bike it can be easily replaced but you only have one mum . Best wishes .
  17. Jeez, what a bugger. Glad your Mum is Ok lil.
    I hope the taxi driver doesn't have a taxi license, and gets creamed for more than just a traffic offence against your Mum.
    Here's wishes that the healing comes quick, and the pain subsides quick too.
  18. I am glad your mum is ok! Not that long since I lost a bike to this sort of inattention from someone who got impatient and put convenience before the safety of those around them.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for both rider and steed!
  19. +1 for speedy recovery!

    Hope the shoulder's ok :arrow: they can get expensive :)

    If I had an RPG for every idiot on the road I would have solved the taxi problem years ago!
  20. Sorry to hear about your Mum lil. I hope she's feeling okay and still smiling that beautiful smile of hers. :)