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Brrrrrr, cold this morning!!

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Randall, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. I took off from Margate and rode over to Kilkoy. There was still fog there at 9-00am. Speed had dropped down to 80 due to bad vision but it was still cold as !!! Came around Somerset and wivenhoe dams and stopped for a warm up coffee at Fernvale. The sun came out around the Spit at Somerset dam which assisted in the warm up process :) Bloody good ride though. Bike seems to perform better in winter. Am testing a newly fitted wide arse windscreen on the bike.....big tick in the box today!! Makes for comfortable highway speeds.
    Had an awesome day!!

  2. you poor sod
  3. My ride to work on Wednesday was -6.5. I had a sheet of ice on my vest when I got to work.
  4. I know Brissy weather is not really cold....but its cold for us that ride up here all the time. I used to ride in Melbourne for a few winters when I worked at BHP at Hastings. Now that was cold!! -3 in winter....rain , hail, or shine. (I`m too old for that shite now :) )
  5. Ahh, Brisbane. Love watching cars with QLD plates at the servo on winter mornings. They look like they're going to the snow.
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  6. A mate of mine moved to Canberra last year.

    He always whinged about how cold Wagga was in Winter, but now he reckons he knows what cold really is....
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  7. Big ass screen will help a lot, I have one and I can ride with no jacket lining in with it at night at the moment (in Sydney). Really need lower deflectors now though as my legs get cold. It's a never ending fight.
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