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Browsing shopping rules.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Portagrug, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. DAMNIT! i was shopping for a tail bag today.. and tried on a shark helmet just for fun..

    WOW! ive only used my HJC IS-16 for 130klm on the bike.. and compared to the Shark i tried on its like wearing an un padded too small lead brick on my head.. :(

    Now i just need to forget it ever happened. :)

    (or .. go back and buy the shark and keep the HJC as a second helmet :) )

    New rule.. no trying on stuff i dont need. :)
  2. Shark are shit - sure they're light, but they're noisy as fuck and the vents are useless.
    There, hope that helps...
  3. It does.. Thanks Nite :)
  4. I bought one on special when I found a big crack in my AGV after a crash (don't worry, it didn't brain my damage...).
    It just makes me want a RHOK so much more...
  5. Mind you.. the HJC isnt "quiet" thats for sure.. but i have nothing to compare too.

    and good to hear about your brain :)
  6. Yeah I complained about my AGV too - it was about 5 years old and well past replacement time.
    I was shocked that a brand new, "tight" helmet was noisier...
  7. I've recently had to go back to my spare helmet which is a HJC -FG14 in place of my Shoei XR-1100......I must say I am actually finding my old "spare" helmet more comfortable and much quieter than the Shoei......

    I'll be back to the Shoei in the next week or two, should be interesting to compare.

    I've actually been eyeing off some of the new Shark helmets myself........ good to know they are noisy at not worth the effort or cash

    DROID-Tablet talkin'
  8. Thats my other problem.. 5 years old.. my helmet is manufactured Sep 2009.. i bought it mid 2010 (fair enuff) then couldnt get a bike as planned.. boxed it up and stored in cupboard untill 2 months ago.. only taking it out for special occasions like Nerf dart practice on the wife and posing in the mirror etc.. which means i only have 2 years left in it at most?? and even then some people will argue that 5 years after manufacture is too long.. and that really i only have 2 months left untill its 3 years old and done for.. :(

    Will have to see if there is a really really really good looking light weight helmet with intergrated sunglasses on the market for the right price and think about it then. maybe a white one for summer.. as i know im going to regret black soon enough.
  9. you can have my tail pack if you like. I never liked it anyway
  10. Thanks Aussieak.. but there was at least one purchase made today :)
  11. I'll have it!!
  12. All yours Matt
  13. YAY! My thread is bringing happies to other people! :)
  14. Really? I am eyeing off the RSI Pro to replace my AGV Stealth at some point, which Shark & which AGV did you have?
  15. Hmm, just bought an HJC IS16 and it's the lightest, most comfortable helmet I've ever had but then I've only had 3 in 30 years.
  16. I have the IS-16.. i had to get a large and swap to XL cheek pads.. and even now im still biting my cheeks.. trying on the shark today.. it was like it was made for me.
  17. Yeah it would be really nice to have one of those.:cheeky:
  18. Quite agree, out of the box they are noisy and the built in vents not the best, but I wouldn't call them shit....

    noisy...that's what ear plugs are for.
    vents....a couple of small extra vents/slits/bits of tape in/on the rubber seal across the lower visor edge fixed that.
    light...yes and significantly better aero's than a lot of other helmets I've tried over the years...what's aero's...only slight or negligable buffeting @ over 200kph

    My Shark helmet is reserved for track day use...
  19. I'm almost exclusively a Shark guy - for some reason they suit my noggin better than the others. The venting does suck, but they are comfy - except for the ridges they cause in my skull. Helmet hair looks like shark fins. lol

    There's no problems with venting on the flip face - it's a bit windy in there! The RSF2 is comfy and relatively quiet. My past RSX was even better... but it reached retirement.
  20. I have a Shark RSI and an old RXT. The Shark fogs up like crazy, no matter what I do (have also tried the tape around the visor trick but it did nothing) and so for the reasons of safety I decided not to use it at all. Very comfy though, and quiet, but the fogging problem made me decide to never buy another one. (Im buying a Shoei XR1100 in a month or so). The RXT doesnt fog at all but its old and a size too small.