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Browser and Netrider forum compatibility

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. Not sure if this is the right area. Apologies if not. I'm wondering about browser compatibility issues. I use Firefox at home. Here at work, we use IE 5.5 (on a Win2K network). When I log into Netrider, if there's a PM for me, a small window pops up. However, at home, under Firefox this does not occur.

    Would this be a IE exclusivity thing? ie: the programmers writing code to comply with proprietory IE standards, rather than industry standards, or is there an issue with Firefox?

    Mozilla, the creators of Firefox, have a thing going where it encourages users to write to the webmasters etc. when they don't see websites that work properly under Firefox, stating that it's an industry standard product, and most likely these "non-complying" boards are not.

    Anyone have any views on this, or do I simply have too much time on my hands (and while at work too, no less....)
  2. From experience Firefox and IE don't have any problems with netrider.

    The reason why you aren't getting the PM popup in firefox is due to the built in support for Pop-up blocking. Have a read of this page to find out how it works and what you can do to setup firefox so it will allow pop-ups from netrider and other trusted websites.
  3. from what (very little) I understand of firefox is that it is a very bulk free browser. it doesn't have "wowser" functionality that will slow it down or make it insecure.

    it is entirely possible that they have removed the popup functionality because it is annoying (ie6 on windows XP sp2 kills popups too). it might just be a setting turned off by default - check your options you might be able to turn it on.

    other than that I haven't used firefox so I can't help you :?
  4. The site also isn't friendly on Pocket PC browsers.
  5. damn, beaten to post by 30 seconds :evil:
  6. Thanks for the tips, guys. It's no big deal. I was just wondering if it were a compatibility issue or not.

    Now that you mention it, Firefox does a top job of stopping popups on a lot of sites that swamp IE. I never really thought of the PM alert box as being a popup.....

  7. Stop looking at pRon and you wont have that annoying "pop-up" problem. :LOL:
  8. I was going to set it up on my palm pilot but the poofta wont connect via GPRS for some bizzare reason :(

    And that bizzare reason is because it isnt enabled on my phone. They cant do it now because their system is down.

    Who's bloody idea was it to coneect with smelstra anyway! :oops: :oops: :oops:
  9. yeah,just get back to work and produce some more mega watts.