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Brownyy's Chain Replacement

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by rider chris, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. I was at my mechanics when Brownyy rocked up and decided to replace his chain. once done he clicked into first, and nothing happened... suspecting that there may be a problem around the front drive, he took front sprocket off to find out why his bike wasn't moving...

  2. he put the chain around the swingarm guard thingy, well short of the front sprocket? :p

    can you please take some degreaser to the inside if the sprocket housing :shock: :p
  3. He should have replaced that sprocket too.
  4. heheheh, still laughing about in this morning... last night was a different story.

    Lesson learned; don't be lazy; remove your sprocket cover to feed the chain...!

  5. lazy prick :p
  6. Did it root the chain?
  7. Well, here's the bit I don't really wanna type... Short answer, no, the chain wasn't even near the sprocket. Reason; as you all know fitting a chain, wind the wheel all the way forward, get chain length, cut, join, tension.

    As I was tensioning it I was thinking; Gee, this chain sure is taking a lot to tension... (as I had wound it near the 4th notch on the swing arm)... alarm bells should of been ringing then................. ](*,)
    However, chain required two joiners... :cry:
  8. Lucky it didn't rub against the sprocket when you tried to take off, that could have been messy. :)
  9. lol yeah you would have taken off backwards. That would have been a fcuker :LOL:
  10. awww that would have been good to watch...bike with 6 reverse gears :LOL: