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Browns Mtn NSW

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by kingy, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. hey guys..

    next month i am heading down the coast with a few mates.. we are hitting up browns MTN.. i have a fairly newbie rider coming along which we are all pretty worried about taking him to this MTN... whats it like ??? is it not a good place to take a learner rider ??

    he has Youtube Browns Mtn and is kinda freaked out about some of the footage he has seen on the corners...
    i want to calm his nerves.. he is that worked up that he is considering pulling out of the road trip...

    please any feedback would be tops (y)
  2. i think its called browns MTN lol.. the one from Bega to the snowy mtns ???
  3. It's Brown Mountain, and it's the road that runs down from Cooma to Bega. It's a great piece of road, not too challenging, but with a reasonable volume of traffic so it's not a private race-track :LOL: The surface varies a lot because it's also used by timber trucks taking logs to the coast, so there's some rippling in the downhill braking areas before some corners.
  4. cheers mate...

    would you think a Learner could handle it ??? i know he hasn't even temped Mac pass yet... is it worst then mac pass or about the same ..
  5. It's not as tight as Macquarie Pass, but it's a lot longer.

    Sure a learner can handle it, and if accompanied by an accomplished rider, could learn a LOT!
  6. Last time I was there they were working on a section and it was being resurfaced.These passes are the best part of road riding,just for the veiw alone.Dont ride the brakes going down,tell the Learner about engine braking and make it sound like the fun it is.
  7. yeh sweet.. i am trying to get a few days off work before we go so i can take him up and down mac pass to get him use to it...
    i tried explaining its like the Natho park...

    cheers for the tips guys
  8. The other thing you've gotta watch out for is the occassional cattle truck spilling cow shit on the road. And after heavy rain, there will always be gravel and crap washed onto the corners.

    If you are lucky enough to get a clear run, it is great fun.
  9. when we were there those log trucks were really cutting the corners and can slow nearly to a stop on some bends. I guess that's normal for these passes, but keep your eyes open anyway.
  10. cheers guys
  11. Rode it a couple of days ago on my way to Tassie... Tight corners but nothing to worry about... I have done it a few time wet, misty and dry... Wet is a bit tricky due to the wet leaves on the road...

    Cheers Andrew.
  12. A mate and I did that road this time last year. It was great. Like any of those sorts of roads, if he just takes it easy, keeps his eyes open (alot of ****wits up there when we went up there who didn't understand the concept of a 2 way road. Yes i know the view is great, but please don't run in to me!) and stays out of the head on zones on some of those sharp corners, he'll be fine. Those sorts of roads are a great place to learn IMO. My riding didn't start developing until i actually got out on the snowy's and started to do the technical stuff. Do it at your own pace and you'll be fine :D
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  13. I rode down it on Wednesday, Two up on my Bird. Lovely piece of road,

    Its 4 lanes, two up, Two down, good tar,

    I definately would take a level 2 rider through there, Thats a learner thats riding the road and not still stuck in a car park wondering what that lever does,.

    Tell the learner to ride at his own pace, forget about every one else and concentate on his riding,

    Keep his eyes on the road ahead at the vanishing point of the bends,

    Ride in his lane, Bang smack in the middle of it,

    Its fairly tite bends, Some of them, But they continue at the same level,

    By the time you have ridden to get there, he should be pretty confident in his riding, any way,
  14. ?

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  15. Brown Mountain is currently closed due to subsiding caused by the rain.

    Doesn't look like it will be a 5 minute fix either :(
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  16. Mount Darragh road's gonna cop it...


  17. Yes thats very good advice , i did Browns Mntn 2 weeks back & that was something that i did notice --COW crap on some corners & on the uphill runs , we get the same thing here on Cambewarra & Barrengarry Mntns , & yeh with all this rain there is bound to be other bits of debris here/there on it too ,gee living at Candello i guess Browns is the favourite playground for you ? , along with that great run thru on Bermagui/Tathra rd , i'm very jealous Lol
  18. Last time I did it, it was raining and there was a diesel line from bottom to top. Loved the scenery, but the ride was bad. There might be some problems with it with the recent rain, I was planning to do it next weekend, but there might be some parts missing.
  19. cheers guys i head down that way in 2 weeks time.. fingers crossed for the rain to hold off..
  20. I was sent these pics today...

    RTA (or whatever they call themselves now) say it will be closed for at least a month.