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brown spot moment!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Totally my fault!!!

    coming into the harbour tunnel today at 4.00pm, northbound, there was traffic everywhere but all moving along nicely at 80 km/h and easy.........................no stupid movements, no one acting silly etc etc.

    I followed a black 4wd into the tunnel and before I went into the tunnel, I could see clearly a few car lengths in front.

    If you know the tunnel's northbound entrance (and this is where it is my fault) you sort of drop into the tunnel a little blind.

    Now if you follow traffic in Sydney the required braking distance away, everyone just jumps in front of you, so I always look beyond the car in front as well as everywhere else, but I NEVER ride up the backside of the cars in front.

    So, at this moment the traffic comes to almost a dead stop in front of this 4wd so I grab as much brake as I can (I am on my TTR250 BTW) and I have locked up the rear wheel and am squeezing and releasing the front (to avoid a front lock up) and I am doing little fishtails while I am looking for the escape (car and wall beside me......no where to go). Isn't it funny how it all goes into slow motion???

    I come to a stop about 1m from the rear bumper and I am watching my mirrors at the car behind, who was alert and have braked(?) well. My sphincter was in a knot by this time and you can imagine how I felt when I heard the noisiest screeching of brakes behind the car behind me..................................brown undies time!!!!

    Head check, no indicator and into a space in the left lane beside me and ride off a little ardenalized.

    The cars all started moving off and the car(s) that were behind stayed back a long way for the rest of the tunnel.

    I am glad that my emergency braking was effective.....................annoyed with myself that I had no escape route and also the fact I did not foresee this road condition.

    Just a heads up!!

    Everyday is a school day

    You brown spot moment?????? :LOL: :LOL:
  2. I had a heart stopping moment tonight when taken by surprise by a bloke on a bike. I don't know if he thought it was funny, but I certainly didn't.

    Coming off a freeway exit at Airport West tonight, I was going straight to turn right around a roundabout. This bike came from no where, and i mean no where (I was still doing 80 slowing down for the corner, blinker on) and he passed me on the right hand side then zipped straight across in front of me to take the sharps road exit to the left of me.

    He was absolutely flying. My feeling was he saw my L plate and thought it might be fun. FUN it was NOT.

    I just don't see why people get a kick out of doing that sort of stuff to learners. Anyway... :roll:
  3. yeah understand your situation jeff, hope for the best expect the worst when you hear those tyres skidding behind you...
    ive had a couple of brown pants moments recently, generally poeple cutting me off, they were almost a quarter into my lane before a noticed :? :eek: definatly gave my situational awareness a kick up the arse that it needed. hasnt happened since thank christ
  4. I saw a 'brown spot' moment for an L-plater this morning.

    Approaching a set of traffic lights around a right handed bend, this teenager in a commodore spots a fat old bastard on a cruiser (me :grin: ).

    He's so busy making sure he doesn't get close enough for me to kick his pride and joy, that he goes through the red light and bends it sideways avoiding the cross traffic.

    Thought I'd finally get a chance to practise my cpr skills. Was a little disappointed. :(
  5. Bugger, I'm still trying to hone my braking skills..

    Now for a comical cliqued phizog learner story..

    When I first started riding I always heard the screeching braking sound coming from behind me, I can't work out why

  6. My first a**e-pucker moment came when riding through the border ranges.

    Came into a corner too hot, grabbed the brakes (was still very much a newbie), stood the bike up, crossed the other lane (no traffic coming, thank God!) and pulled the bike up just before I went off the edge of a big drop!

    I'm sure I pulled a muscle in my a**e, trying to grip the seat! :shock:
  7. On Cumberland Hwy last friday, coming into Sydney through Smithfield and noted a new, silver Ferrari 360 Spyder sitting in a petrol station.
    The orange light just up ahead gave me a good excuse to stop for a perve; when I hear screechy screechies behind me :eek:

    I was still slowing down, and was actually in 3rd. Didn't even look at what was going on behind, just dialled the revs, let the clutch out and ran the red.

    The bang from taking off as quickly as possible in what was essentially the wrong gear [but better than none] was big enough for me to suspect I'd actually been lightly hit, pull over and check for damage.

    None. Bike was ok.
    P-plater in white Cressida must have though I was going to go through the orange and sped up so they could get through too... then I changed the plan :?

    Ahh well, no red light camera, no damage, and still alive.
  8. I had a similar experience, I was on king George’s road when I spotted red two door farrari that looked as if it had just come out of the showroom, had body kit and all the bling. We took off from the lights and he decides to change into my lane and apply heavy brakes for no apparent reason :shock: My first thought was Sh!t I’d have to take out a mortgage to pay for damages. Lucky I stopped in time, but only by half a meter. I have no insurance. 8-[
  9. Doesn't matter about the insurance. Sounds like it would have been his fault, not yours.

    Do yourself a favour, though, and get some 3rd party PROPERTY insurance. Generally known as "3rd party, fire and theft."
  10. lucky for you; unlucky for the kid riding a cbr250rr on the weekend who crashed into my bike, he is now faced with a $3k quote to fix my bike because he also has no insurance.
  11. i was driving down hoddle st the other week, see a red light & come to a stop, look at my rear view & notice a black 4wd coming at high speed, i quickly move to the lane to my left & the bich driving the car(on her mobile) runs the red & keeps going probably never noticed me :tantrum: . i tryed catching up to her to give her a piece of my mind, but she just ran the next set of lights :censored:
  12. had a p-plater spin out of control in front of me on the Picton Rd exit from Mt Ousley Rd (those that know the exit will also know that the exit is far too short for the speed, and the corner much sharper then it appears)

    Didn't even think about it, just e-braked, stopped before all the debris, put down the side stand, got off and ran over to make sure she was ok. Car was wreak, but luckily she was ok, if shaken up.

    Doesn't even come close to a brown spot moment for me.... maybe i'm just too used to traffic and the unexpected happening around me?
  13. i had one like 2loo's but it was the other way around

    the commodore in front of me [asian driver, i didnt know!] speed up to get thru the orange light, and so did i. i was still 3 lenghs behind but it was wet. i should av left more space and sat a red light

    anywho, there's a red light camera at that intersection and the asian driver [although would have been just fine to go thru the light orange light] slamed the brakes hard

    he had no bloody brake lights!!! when one goes you gotta replace it cause the other one is on its way out!

    so the car stops but with no brake lights it just suddenly appeared to be too close to me [brake lights do a lot more than i realized]

    i locked up the rear, the front wheel just a bit off the ground [no brakes!!] and i slid right into the back of em

    cheers :cool:
  14. Good that you learnt from it and get to tell the story.
    get yourself something stiff to drink... you have earnt it
  15. And you blamed the "Asian driver". :roll:
  16. Why not? I always blame "Women Drivers"! :LOL:
  17. ha ha! good one rotorcycle!

    i blame myself for that one kanduli

    cheers :cool:
  18. Uh, no. TPP and TPPFT are different products all together.
  19. If anyone lives on the southside of Brisbane they will know that Sunnybank is asian central. Anyways everyday I have to commute through Sunnybank, and its havic there are so many bad drivers. From the ones who cant even stay in their lanes to the guys in the rice burners that think they are bulletproof.