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Brown 'retro' style jacket w/armour.. where?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Noddy78, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Newbie here, just looking at getting my L's and all the relevant gear. Got money to spend, but am pretty picky about the style of jacket I'm after. I want a retro styled jacket, with armour and preferably zip out lining and vents. But the biggest issue is I want it in brown. For the life of me I can find sod-all bike jackets in brown!

    Something along these lines (remove spaces need 5 posts apparently):

    i9 . ebayimg . com/07/i/000/f7/13/3f60_1.JPG
    i12 . ebayimg . com/03/i/000/db/71/92c2_1.JPG

    Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions where I might track one down?

  2. I can't quite get the link to work, but maybe this helps?

    Spidi "Method". Scooter jacket, but a bit caff-ish?


    Comes in a lighter brown as well.

    For years I wanted a replica Rocketeer Jacket.


    But I'm an idiot.
  3. Haha.. rocketeer.. nice. Not quite what I'm after though. Remove the spaces in the link and they should work... or I can just spam this thread 3 more times and then I can post a link. :wink:
  4. What is your favourite fruit?
  5. Haha.. good work. I'm quite partial to the banana... yourself?
  6. Have found Triumph do a couple of jackets in the style I'm looking for... only given I won't be riding a Triumph I'd feel a bit of a berk, but they are the style I'm after. Check out Triumph Retro Racer, Rivton or the Romero.
  7. More of an apple person. Each to their own.

    What sort of bike do you have?
  8. Thanks jd, had found that site, none have armour though.

    Wit, haven't got a bike yet, just looking at what's around. Probably get an older Yamaha Virago 250 or Suzuki Intruder 250.

    Hmm.. how many posts is that?
  9. Now we're getting somewhere, the cafe from Walden Miller look pretty close to the mark, not quite there, but damn close... told you I was picky!
  10. I am not sure what sort of money you are prepared to spend, but with how picky you are, have you thought of asking to have them custom made.

    For example with the cafe jacket ask if they can modify it for you.
  11. Fair enough, didn't look that closely at them.
    You could always buy body armour to wear under it.
  12. You could always get someone like mars to sew armour into it?

    Or like JD said, some lightweight motocross style kit underneath?
  13. Mars, who are they? Being a Hobartian the choices for people doing that kind of thing are pretty limited! Shift make pretty-much the thing I'm after, has shoulder armour but no elbows.. wonder if I can get some elbow armour sewn in?

    Rather not go down the motorcross armour underneath, just seems too much mucking about than should be necessary. Got me stumped why armoured jackets don't come in the more 'fashion' stlyes? Hell.. Shift put shoulder armour in, why the hell not elbows and back? Is it that hard? Or is it just a very select market of wankers like me! :wink:


  14. There is body armour designed specifically for road (race) use eg:
  15. Heh... not quite THAT much money to spend...
  16. Yes. Yes you are