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Brown pants moment

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by voytek, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    the other night I was turning right from Scoresby Rd into Boronia Rd (for those who know the Boronia area, MEL8). While waiting for a green arrow I noticed some rubbish in the center spot. You know, some gravel, broken glass, plastic etc. I thought to myself - stay well clear off it.

    Green light comes on, no traffic in sight, a friend of mine just behind me, on his Virago. I rode off. It was just a bit downhill from where I started and I must have over-cooked it just a tiny bit (a newb, just off my L-plates). Nothing crazy, just a normal start. But it took me too close to the center. Instinctive reaction - roll of the throttle a bit. Not a conscious decision, by any means, no time for that.

    At the time I still thought I'm far enough. But just passing the center, turning right, leaning the bike, suddenly I felt my front wheel hit a single little stone. And then the front wheel skipping and sliding on the rolling stone. And the bike leaning more to the right beyond the point of balance. All in what seemed like a single point in time, no time to react.

    And then the wheel gripped again. And it all, somehow, gathered itself up <Esc>^D^D^D^D^D^D^D^D^D^D^D^D^D^D^D^D^DAnd then I saved it on my knee, an elbow and a bit of chin. And I was still on top. Few quick thoughts: has the friend noticed anything? Naah. Has he passed it no worries? Seems like it. Bugger. Is the smell from my pants strong enough for him to start wondering?

    I'd be interested to hear from others, have you scared yourself sh-less in a similar fashion? Also, was my instinct reaction (rolling off the throttle) a correct thing to do in such a situation? If not, then what reaction would be better? Me thinks if I replay the situation several times in my mind, with the correct response, ](*,) eventually it might stick. And the next time the instinct will do the right thing. [-o<


    Edited to tell what actually happened.
  2. not sure maybe pull in the clutch next time so the engine isnt braking under compression the rear may slide dure to minimal locking up due to loose surface, good to see it all came out alright neverless
  3. Not sure what I wouldve done as Im a total newb myself. But Ive only had one similar moment so far since I dont ride too often. It actually didnt even register at the time until later I realised what couldve happeend.

    Was taking one of those left turns where its "Turn Left at Any time with care" So its like a nice left sweep, also had a pedestrian crossing.

    I checked for incoming traffic, none, decided to take it quick since I was practicing leaning thru corners the day before and loving it.

    Came in at about 60kmh, backed off a little to maybe 50-55. Coming in wide and realised how narrow the turn actually was (Done it a million times in my car, lane just wasnt as wide as I thought) Went wide, hit the white line, rode on the white line, rear wheel skipping to and fro on either side of the line.

    I just kept going thru and eventually came back onto the lane, but it was bad lol
  4. Mate we have all done this, should have seen me on Arthur's Seat for the first time :shock:
  5. No, dude, no! You're not getting this internet forum thing... you SAVED IT ON YOUR KNEE, right? Better still, your elbow and a bit of chin!
  6. You stayed on the bike..... nuff said!!

    My "Brown Pants" situation happended whilst riding through Harkaway, after having just done a nice 50km trip around Emerald, Monbulk and surrounding area and then heading back to Berwick via Beaconsfield.

    I was doing 80 (as was the requirement, by law) and I was coming to the brow of a small hill, with a slight bend to the left. Next thing, a bloody big gust of wind decides at that moment to push me from my side of the road into on-coming traffic. Fortunately for me, the on-coming traffic was quite a distance away, and so I casually pulled into the lay-by facing the traffic. I got off the bike, took my helmet off, took a deep breath and casually said, quite loudly, "F*CK MY OLD BOOTS, THAT WAS CLOSE!"

    As the old addage goes, "what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger" and I can safely say that I'm now a lot more wary of weather conditions and hils / bends.
  7. My "Brown Pants" moment was riding along the south eastern when a guy in a Porsche Boxster decided he wanted to be in my lane, right where I was. Squeezed on the brakes so hard that I did a stoppie, with the rear wheel likely around 1m in the air, and turning the bike on the front wheel alone all while watching this guy's rear panel get closer and closer. At the last second he realised I was there and pulled back, not a moment too soon. Rear wheel comes down and I gun it to get out of this guy's vicinity. Problem is that the bike was partially leaned, so front wheel comes up and I'm heading towards the edge of the highway and running out of road. Roll off the throttle, pull the bike back in line before I leave the bitumen, straighten up and ride the rest of the journey high on adrenaline and extra alert.

    I wonder if my bike would've been confiscated under the hoon laws act had an officer seen it.
  8. Can't you read properly? That's what I said. Sheesh.