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Brought myself a little project bike

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Darrin Hodges, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. So picked myself up a 1980 Yamaha DX100! haha, apparently closely related to the more famous YB100. Its running and has been in service in the not to distant past but will need a blue slip now. I'm not in a hurry so going to tidy it right up including attempting to re-lace the wheels with stainless spokes, replace the tyres and a multitude of little things. Will keep me off the streets and out of trouble for a while! :) Eventually hope to be able to ring-ding-ding through the park again, miss the 2-strokes :)

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  2. Score!!!!
  3. Tail light assembly is broken around where the rear indicators attach, so the previous owner installed some 12V rinky-dink after-market stuff and wondered why it wouldn't work on a 6V system... Havent been able to find a replacement assembly yet, might have to take some place and have it welded up.
  4. You lucky bastid thats grouse!
  5. Ok, starting stripping it down.

    • Found an old wasps next inside the idiot light console haha - all the bulbs were blown.
    • Clutch and throttle cables are poop, ordered new ones. Front brake cable and speedo cable are good, just put a bit of lube into them.
    • Ordered a new battery, ignition switch and airfilter - seems to have gone AWOL at some point.
    • was going to have the rims re-chromed and re-spoked, but they seem to actually come up alright with a bit of elbow-grease, so will just clean up and replace the tyres.
    • Going to pull the engine and clean it up and the frame.
    • The fenders could to with a re-chrome but may sit on that for a bit, they are otherwise sound.
    • Need to get the seat redone - has some tears and the foam is all stiff and horrible.
    • Makes a bit of a ticking sound at idle, but goes way at revs, not sure if its normal or not - kicks first go easily so not too concerned about it.
    • Can't find a replacement rear light bracket anywhere for love or money. Will take the old bracket to a welding shop and see if they can refab the damaged/missing areas.
  6. Is it reed valve or piston port? The reason i ask is reed valves can almost sound a bit ticky at idle sometimes but nothin to worry about.
  7. Its a rotary valve arrangement according to the manual. I thought maybe a cracked ring, but the noise goes away when its off idle, so could be some peculiarity of the induction setup.... dunno, I watched a couple on youtube, some make the noise and some don't. I'll have to get compression gauge and check.
  8. I wish you very much joy of it.

    Frankly, I'm a wee bit jealous.

    <--- wee piccie is of me riding my 1978 DX125 at Eastern Creek.

    Just one of the many bikes that I seriously regret selling. :-(
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  9. cool! What was the top speed on that? 140-ish ?
  10. I had a push bike trip computer fitted, to give an accurate speedo, and it could just manage 160.

    To be honest though, when I bought the bike I had it delivered to MMT's workshop for a change of all life giving fluids.

    I had to disappear for work for a week, and, when I got back, Craig (that ran MMT) contacted me.

    It was a very strange phone call..... he explained that things had been fairly quiet that week, and he had had some spare parts in the workshop, so he had "warmed over" the wee bike...... he hoped that I didn't mind.

    I THINK it got an expansion chamber from a race RZ, and possibly the carbie also, and some fiddling was done to the ports.

    It became a stinking hot wee beastie. :)
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  11. Just a little update, have stripped it right down, getting the frame blasted and painted. Redid the swingarm myself. Ordered a stack of parts off eBay. Mostly now just waiting for bits to be ready and will start reassembly. Not touching the motor except a bit of a clean.