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Brought my first bike this morning!!!! YAY!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Guest, May 6, 2006.

  1. Howdy all I have been on the forums for a while now... Bikeless that is... But... Today, I brought my first bike. It is a Kawa ZX2R. Although, once you have seen one, you have seen them all... Except that they seem to be so rare in Adelaide it isnt funny. Only pop up once a month or so.

    Anyway she is pretty tidy, so I even took a picture for you, and cut my brothers ugly head off so you dont all puke. :) Arent I so nice. Look forward with riding with you guys sometime soon.


    P.S. If the bloody rain stopped tonight, I would be out riding, but of course, God has cursed me and wont allow it... Bloody rain! :twisted:
  2. Nice bike. Welcome to the roads, and the fun....
  3. Nice lookin bike sketchie, congratulations and keep the shiny side up! :grin:
  4. Thanks guys... I look forward to the rain stopping so I can actually get some K's on her, since I got her with around 19,000K's. Quite a suprise that it wasn't wound back actually.
  5. Congratulations Sketchie, that looks like a nice tidy little buy.

    Enjoy your new steed and stay safe :)
  6. Congrats, look nices and in good nic.

    I got a kawi question ,

    whats the deal with the 2 grey "vacum cleaner hose" looking tubes that come out of the fuel tank and go towards the handle bars.????
  7. Nice looking unit - well done!
  8. Nice Bike, Looks really good.

    you'll get time to ride it soon enough :) :cool: :cool:
  9. RAM air feeder tubes.

    They basically pressurise the air plenum.
  10. Makes it look more sci fi, so when you ride at nightime you can pretend you're flying a spaceship. :wink: :LOL:
  11. Actually, on the ZXR250 they're purely cosmetic. It's an attempt by Kwaka to make all the 250 riders feel like they're riding a similar machine to the bigger ZXR's.

    If they were actually forced induction tubes then they'd be directly connected to the airbox. Go on, have a look. :wink: Just don't cry when you find it's just a fresh air intake to introduce cool air into the intake as opposed to forced induction.
  12. I am pretty sure they are for the electronics box, relays etc.

    And makes you feel all futuristic :)
  13. Nice lookin bike :) congrats
  14. nice shiny bike there mate, congrats on the purchase :)

    how did you conclude that?
  15. Cause it has 19 on it... The guy reckons that from when he brought it he has only done 2000K's (he is first owner in Aus) and if he is lying to me... I will go back to his house and smack him in the head. That is how I concluded it. :) lol
  16. You're both wrong and nexus is on the money.

    The hoses provide cooling for electronics including the voltage regulator that sits above the engine, and under the tank.

    The 'RAM' air intake is actually located halfway down the left fairing.

    Nice bike sketchie, love the colour, stickers and screen. Certainly better than the silver design with the power ranger stickers :wink:

    See you out on a ride soon, I'm from Surrey Downs and go for regular hills rides if you're ever looking for a 250 rider to go scratching with.
  17. very nice bike mate :grin:
    happy riding
  18. I live not far from you 7THSIN, I am at Hope Valley, just off Tolley/Grand Junction Roads so fairly close.

    Well I reckon I need to get some runs in sometime soon well before the 21st when it isnt raining... So I don't look like a doofus on the Mannum run hahaha Wouldn't mind someone to go riding with, it was a tad err... dull today with me just riding around looking for corners haha I am a clown :LOL: But then again, I am the type to think any experience is all experience.

    P.S. Thanks for the compliments, I like it too :grin: hopefully I will get a few more photo's soon and they can all be on here. Maybe some from the Mannum run too.
  19. Gotta love the Kwaka :grin:
  20. Think I saw this bike on the adelaide uni website, looked pretty nice. Congrats on the buy :)