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Brotherhood of the Travelling Jocks

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Boobmeister, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. The tale begins .....

    Stay tuned for more!


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  2. wtf?

    That looks like sunbury with mount macedon in the back ground...

  3. wtf is that lol. Funny shit.
  4. wow ghostrider has really let himself go hasnt he
  5. Can't be, it's too green! LoL
  6. Vaguely (try eating these like pudding though!!!) lol ... the journey has just begun.

    It's my backyard ya knob (Mt Wellington in the background) lol

    Vic jocks :D

    (the christmas wrapping stick on bow looks dodgy as though)
  7. Since when did vic start wearing jocks
  8. only under the leathers H :)
  9. Notice they fit OVER the leathers of a normal person? :p
  10. Now I can fukn see them!! I never saw them!! :rofl:

    Julz, wish I had never tried on your glasses, I've been questioning my vission ever since...

    So everyone in front of me - GET OUT OF DA FUKN WAAAAAAYYYYY :LOL:

  11. A normal person would need that protective layer of leather between themand their skin.:eek:
  12. yeah yeah, so I'm fat, who gives a **** ;)
  13. That seems like a great idea. Are the jocks coming to Jindabyne?
  14. Let's hope not.
  15. Seems they have been doing a bit of a tour of the state ... remember these locations guys?

    Wonder where they are off to next .....

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  16. You'll only have to sniff to find out. :grin:
  17. My oh my they are getting about!

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  18. Bwahahaha. :)
  19. There are a couple of unposted pics....but the jocks are in Brisbane.
    Does anyone want to continue their ride?