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Brotherhood of riders??? I don't think so!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ROAMER, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. Topping off my last trip to Albury where I stopped numerous of times to look at the map or to clean the bugs of the glasses and many bikes riding past me not asking if I'm in some kinda trouble or anything similar to that (noding, waving etc.)......Yesterday I was in moorabbin area looking for damn D.F.O. thing, couldn't find it so I stopped at side of the road to call a friend for directions, and have a smoke while I'm at it. After finishing the conversation I sat next to the bike finishing off the smoke. 2 bikes went past in approx. one minute interval, one sports bike, one cruiser, not even a nod, let alone any kind of gesture to indicate a question if the bike broke down or some kinda trouble is bugging me. They just rode past as I wasn't even there.

    So I ask you all now, is there such thing as "brotherhood" or "bond" of riders, or is that only something that we all brag about but never do anything in such a fashion??? And am I the only fool who even makes U turns to come back and ask if everything is OK??? With all this I am getting to the point where if I see you stopped at the side of the road, only assistance you are gonna get from me is one finger salute.

    To make it a bit brighter I had a bit of a laugh at one of the riders attire, full face helmet, leather jacket, shorts and beach sandals :grin:
  2. One slight nod of the head around you and all you get is an extra nose full of your pungent odour....little wonder really...bet you the changed lanes to be as far away from you as possible as well.

    The riders near Albury must have been up wind....bet you they regretted it once they were past.

    :p :LOL:
  3. Mate, you are getting more than a finger salute, I'll carry a wrench to throw at you if I see you on the road :grin:
  4. i think it exsists.. i was riding along the eastern towards stud road and pulled over cause my knee was sore (dislocated it ages ago - still causes me grief) and while i wsa pulled ovre having a smoke about 5 bikes serperatly road psat me, and every one of them either noded, and a guy on a cbr600 pointed the finger and gave me the thumbs up.. asking if i was okay.. and here in tasmania ive had a number of people of bikes come and talk to me that i have never met before.. and some, not all but some nod back.. so yeah, i think it still exsists, but depends on the situation as to whether people nod back.
  5. I guess matt232 is right then :cry: I'm going to have a wash now...............
  6. I always wave at bikes stopped on the side of the road, on either side, and if I think the rider needs help I slow down to see if he's going to indicate it in some way.

    Of course these days nearly everyone has a mobile phone, so it's easy to assume that if a rider IS having some sort of trouble that he can ring someone for help....

    But I think the fellowship of the road still exists, I just think it's not uniform, like most things in life .......
  7. roamer.. if you like we can pass the hat around and maybe buy you a bar of soap and a scrubbing brush too LMAO.
  8. On our way back home yesterday, I stopped just before that notorious corner along Whitfield-Mansfield to let riders behind me know and to slow them down. Waiting across the road in the shade the HD guy who was going along the same way stopped and asked us if we were ok. I reckon the brotherhood (or sisterhood in my case) does exists :)
  9. Of course there's some people who just don't get it, its no coincidence that these same people would be wearing sandals and t-shirt.

    Most bikes will back off the throttle and give you a nod at least. You have to return that with a signal yourself, nod or thumbs up if your ok, if your having problems make some gesture to indicate what it is.
    Ignore them and they wont care what your problem is.

    I give a thumbs up or gesture whenever I go past a bike on the side of the road, half of them ignore me, that's their problem.
    Its rude not to reply with a thumbs up or nod.

    Its a fairly rude and selfish world these days, at least most bikers are still courteous to each other.
  10. Every single time I've pulled over for any reason at least one bike will slow to see if I'm okay.

    On the duke, I've even had Harley Riders slow to check.

    On the Spada almost every brand under the sun.

    On the CBR I've even had cage drivers pull over.

    And as I may have mentioned, I'm a 6 foot tall, big black guy with a shaved head. And while friendly, don't particularly look it :) So must be your BO ;)
  11. BTW, while I pull up most times, that said there's been a couple of times I haven't.

    The most recent was RNP. On the way in noticed a dirt bike rider with the bloke standing next to bike. Frig knows why I didn't stop, just wasn't in the mood (Yes, shame on me).

    On the way back, he was still there, so pulled over to see what was up. Out of fuel and left the key for the fuel cap at home. Father coming out in the cage to give it to him.
  12. It depends me thinks, today went out for a 3 hour ride up to san souci, and cronulla, and god damn it, heaps of bikes, and not a damn wave or nod, par one guy and a dude on a trike, I cant stand the riders up in that part of sydney, all bloody up them selves, I reckon they wouldnt stop even if yer arm was missing :evil: though one time, near home, the reserve fuel line got cloged with shit, so i pushed the old girl home...in the heat, and finaly parked it on a foot path and sat down, a nice lady from the a home near by, who happened to have friends who where riders, was kind enough to get me some water and asked if me needed assistance, kudos to her.
  13. I belong to the sisterhood too Firefling :grin: If a bike is on the side of the road I will slow down and see if they are OK (too bad if they're not cause I wouldn't be any help anyway he,he).

    Was out riding today and I only got acknowledged once by a Hardley. I will nod to anyone who rides, it doesn't matter what machine they are on. I have also been know to nod and then realise I'm in cage :roll:
  14. because city folk are more used to riding past people on the side of the road... if you were lying on the road bleeding or at least waving, i'm sure they'd probably pay more attention :p
  15. So did you find DFO??

    If you can find Centre Dandenong Rd you cant miss DFO on the outskirts of the Mooorabbin Airport.

    Or alternatively you can visit the new one located at the Bulla Rd exit of City Link at Essendon Airport.

    What is it about DFO & airports?? (something to do with Federal Gov planning laws I believe).
  16. I'd ride straight past too, for all I'd know is that you have pulled over for a smoke, it would be different if you were tampering with the bike in some way, pushing it or lying there injured......... (by the way I wouldn't be much help coz I'm mechanically inept :p)
  18. I always slow and check if a stopped rider is OK or not....

    You must just be an ugly b@stard roamer!!!

  19. "because city folk are more used to riding past people on the side of the road... if you were lying on the road bleeding or at least waving, i'm sure they'd probably pay more attention"

    In the country most bikes will stop. I had a puncture and had phoned for a trailer, but one bike went past and slowed, I waved Ok and he went on. The second bike, same thing, but he turned around anyway and came over and chatted until the trailer turned up.

    Probably a city/country type thing. In the city help is usually close so people reckon you'll be right. Out in the sticks, help is sometimes far away.

    One Netrider ride actually stopped for a car breakdown back of Walhalla. The car people didn't wave them down either, just had the bonnet up.

    As for waving/nodding. After today, forget most cruisers of any sort. I don't know if they are ignorant. Perhaps hanging on too tight to be able to look away.

    Chook chasers are just as bad.
  20. Yup, I found it, I was at the LOWER Dandenong rd. :roll: