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BrosMC Poker run Photo's

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. It was a fine day and warming up very quickly , meet up at the local
    Gilesie In tow down from buttfcukidaho for the night and looking for a winning hand.
    180 hands on the day and a great day it was .
    my camera skills arent the best
    Some of the Patriots made an appearance which was good.

    On the way to the checkpoint a truck or car had ran over a Pallet on the freeway and the pack was on the recieving end of the wood
    The photo below shows the peice of wood that came up through the gaurd , between the forks and triple tree , hit the tank where he is pointing and up to about 6 inchs of his head.
    We coundnt get the wood back in to show it exactly , but it gives you a fair idea.

    Gilesie and I made our way to the reseraunt as it was bloody hot outside and settled in for a fang in the air-con.

    more pics

    Mrs Doc , Gilesie and my 3 boys enjoying the extended courtosey from the club .



    MOD - Dazza - Yes but not all cleared by me :wink:

  2. sorry their old chap , been away for a bit didnt see the image thing.
    this better :cool:



    The mrs Doc and my kids come down as well



    It was a great day had by all, good to see stretch and a few others as well.
    the party went well into 8 am the next morning ,for those who survived it .
    great company , great band, great Club.
  3. Interesting pics. <----I just can't come up with a more interesting comment than that
    The beds on the balcony in the club house pic caught my eye - I was expecting chairs, not beds. :)
  4. maybe its to prevent drink driving :wink: :grin:
  5. I did think of that, I just didn't think the beds would be on the balcony rather than inside.
    I suppose the warm weather helped with that decision - or maybe there are more beds inside...?
  6. Good works Grob! :grin:
  7. :cool: photos

    Mrs Doc by now wouldve forgotten about the day of vaccuming
    I owe her? :LOL:

    Hey, PM Gilesie's email when you can, or ask him to email me.
    If he's still doing business I need to buy some more goods off

    Cheers Doc :wink:
  8. Interesting Swatstika!
  9. MG wears them too, bloody redneck.
  10. Out of interest, why do they wear it? Political beliefs or something?

    Just strikes me as curious, some of those bloke's grandparents may have fought the Nazis. An old mate of mine, now in a patch club up north does the same, in the photos I've seen of him. Often wondered why.
  11. I think its more about "don't tell me what I can and can't wear" than any political views.
  12. she doesnt forget that easy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    its one of the rare occassions they arent running around terrorizing everyone, the little buggers think its their second home. :LOL:

    re: Gilesie left a message on your phone.
  13. c33f_1.

    Best you ask your mate because Doc, Joel or any of the other boys here
    won't respond to that kinda question on a forum bud.

    All the way brother! :)

    Too funny :grin:

    Cheers for that. I'm going to call him.

    I know you rang Ankle because I got a call few mins after I spoke
    to you :LOL:

    Spoke for a good hour so was good to speak to him again. Been
    wanting to catch up for the last 12mths (you included) but its a bit
    hard when I keep losing me f*cking license :oops:
  14. Again?
  15. Yeh bud :oops: :roll:

    Same day I got my license back in Jan, VicRoads sent a bloody letter
    saying last 6 pointer took me over 12 points. Unexpected bc I thought
    I still had some up my sleeve.

    Letter shows I only had one offence each year for 3yrs, but they were
    all big ones.. 3 pointer 1st yr, 4 pointer 2nd yr & the 6 pointer 3rd yr

    Was given choice to keep license & lose license for 12mths if you incur
    any further points in the following 12mths, or hand it back for another

    I chose to hand it back in, so had about 4-6wks of riding before it was
    suspended again :cry:

    Best option for me to take CJ. I get all my points back mid-May.
  16. I got 8 points back this month .
    I am now on 6 because i got them back a couple of days before my last ticket :grin:
    hows that for timing :p
  17. I don't get it either to be honest.

    Would you guys trade in the Harley's for something from Bavarian Motor Works? ;)
  18. Err, the swastika is like 3000 years old. I don't see red + black nazi/third reich colour scheme anywhere in those photos..


    And I'm back! :wink:
  19. Think who were the "orginal" bikies and what were they doing togethor?? Think trophies and you might understand.
  20. Nah, my mate just seems to speak with patch club blokes these days, not many others.

    I'm interested as to why those that do wear it don't post up why... If you believe in something, you should be able to stand up and say it. Unless it contravines T&C, in which case, just PM me.