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Bronze Medallion

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Faramir, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Has anyone here attained a Bronze Medallion? I mean the Beach one. Is anyone here a lifesaver?

    I spent many hours on the beach to earn mine. I sacrificed lots of Sunday riding just to practice on the beach. I put my hand up because Nippers need volunteers Mums and Dads to act a Water safety personnel while the kids swim around. So I basically do not ride much on Sundays because of Nippers.

    Now I need to find time to do my Defib, I am also thinking about my ARC. I also want to be an IRB Crewman and eventually a IRB driver. This will take time.

    Yet, I miss my bike riding. I do not seem to ride as much as I did say 2-3 years ago.
  2. I don't have my bronze but I do also need to get my surf bronze so I can run the local Sailability program. Surf lifesaving clubs seem to be the only places that offer it around here although some of the secondary schools run bronze courses for their kids so I'm going to chat to the PE teachers and see what they can do for me. They should be able to do the assessments for anyone if they are running the program.
  3. Another Patrolling Season Over! It is a long summer but I enjoyed it.

    I received my Bronze Medallion last October. I have been volunteering at my local beach, doing patrols with other lifesavers. It has been fun, sometimes tiring. Nippers required lots of attention and as well as looking out for poor swimmers.

    What took a lot of time was all the training I had to do. I was once a poor swimmer, so I had to do lots of swimming practice last year. I love the paddle boards and now I want to learn how to surf. (Had a few lessons with my daughter already.)

    I got my Bronze Medallion so that I could do Water Safety while my daughter did Nippers. She hated Nippers and she quit two weeks after I got my award. Oh well, at least she still enjoys swimming at the beach and swimming with me. Both of us are now more confident in the surf.

    I have never seen Bondi Rescue but I am very sure that I am not like them. The beach I patrol is quiet (with swimmers) but the conditions can get wild at times. Most Lifesaving is prevention.

    The hobby/passion that I had to sacrifice is motorbike riding because I spend so much time training. I just ride the bike for just commuting and I have not attended any groups rides since I became addicted to the Beach. Now the patrolling season is over, I can ride a bit more but I am still going to keep up my training.
  4. Congrats mate, what beach, and have u saved anyone?

    you have never seen Bondi rescue??? awsome show dude, your missing out
  5. Narrabeen. No I have not 'saved' anyone. It all a team effort, it is not just getting out there to the patient and bringing them back in. We all have different roles to play. I did help some nippers get back to shore. I have been part of a team effort with some rescues. I am very much a Rookie at the Club. The other Lifesavers are so good and they swim so fast and they all have lots of skills. Most lifesaving is preventation and the Patrol Captain ususally tells each volunteer what to do when something happen.