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Broncos v Bulldogs

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. I scored tickets to tonights game !

    anyone going ?

    I'm pulling my hair out on who wants to go.
    I'll be doing PM's in a sec on who wants to go with me !
  2. The only team I'd like to see lose more than the Broncos is the Bulldogs; it's a lose-lose game for me

    {BUt don't tell Vic, he LOVES the Broncos :LOL:}
  3. Its members seating so I won't be with the cousins ! :LOL:

    Same, the two teams i'd like to lose the most are playing.
    It should be a good game if the Bronco's decide to play. The Doggies are strong at the Stadium !
  4. GO THE DOGGIES!.....

    thats is all.
  5. All I can say is....CARN THE EELS!!!
  6. GO THE BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone says anything untowards, they will be banned :evil:

  7. The dogs were paying $1.30 for a win and the Broncos $4.something

    Ya all shoulda backed the Broncos babeeeee

    They just steam rolled the puppies and sent them whimpering back to the kennels at 30-0

    Wooohooo, rock on a Storm Broncos Grand final :grin:
  8. what a BS game !!

    i've never seen so many forward passes called in a game before.

    i was just suprised there werent any riots, thou i did leave 15min early
  9. win or lose

    bulldogs are still 2nd

    so it was a gimmie to broncos
    seemed like it was a sort of "rest game" for the dogs.

    bulldogs have quilifiled... so they dont really care untill the finals.