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Broken Toe and No Bike :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by EnigmaOMC, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Been a while since i posted on here. Well last Wednesday travelling to work on Victoria Rd, a woman in a car cuts the corner of my lane i brake and next thing i know i'm heading towards the back of her car, smash crash bang im on the floor looking at traffic coming towards me. I don't think i've ever crawled scurried run so fast off the road. Bikes on the floor still running with blood flowing out of her. She finally stops but blood keeps coming out. Tried to pick her up but cant put any weight on my foot. Luckily a fellow rider travelling to work in his 4WD jumps the medium strip from the other side of the road and picks the bike up and move it to the footpath.

    At this point, if i inconvenienced anyone i apologise. Definetely not my intention.

    Eventually get carted off to the hospital and they xray me and find a hair line fracture in my big toe. Never thought such a small break would be as painful. Wearing a ski boot device is the most uncomfortable thing ever considering the hot weather we have been having though i can take it off if i'm not working.

    Am waiting on insurance to let me know if they are fixing it or if they are writing it off. I beleive the forks were bent and that running while pooring oil out may have stuffed the engine. I am hoping that they write the bike off.

    Now i have some pictures of the damage to the bike and was wanting to get fellow riders opinion on whether they think it will be a write off or not.






  2. I broke my big toe the other day too... Not on the bike though! Trust me it hurts 10x more when you inevitably stub it/run it over with a woolies trolley/drop something on it..

    Sucks to hear about your off. Good thing is you're not too scratched up
  3. Smashed mine into a wrought iron gate :/ hurts like all bejeesus
  4. Awww mate. Bad luck that sucks.
    Will depend on how much your insured for if they write it off.
    If the outers are not bent they can replace the inners on the forks.
    The peg bracket is lethally expensive.
    I would go over it and write down every bit of damage and photograph it.
    Then make sure the service manager has it all on his quotes as well. The assessor will try and knock a lot back or just write it off. Sad it depends on his day. The bigger shops usually have more sway with the assessors. But not always.
    Haven't broken my big toe. But I broke my thumb. You never know how much you use something till it really hurts when you do lol. Lots of drugs son lots of drugs
  5. id be suprised if it was written off, reckon its 2-3k damage,
  6. tanks got a dent that wasn't there before, think the forks are bent, timing chain cover broke and oil spewed out for a good 20-30seconds whilst it was on its side.

    price of the tank is almost 1000 on its own, forks are about 850 each, engine damage (???)

    i'm hoping that it does get written off but if its repaired thats good too just want to get back on two wheels...
  7. well mate, I was recently rear ended while stopped on my CB400, and just got the final word from the assessor yesterday. My bike didnt really lookw too bad in any one spot, though because there was bits and pieces missing here and there, with a pretty decent ding on the tank and scratch on the engine, the bill came to 6,950. I'd only bought the bike brand new about 6 weeks ago, and the agreed value was at 9,700. They made it a write off.

    It basically comes down to how much the bill is, the value of the bike on the policy, and the money they can expect to make selling the wreck at an auction. Im guessing you already know this. What i see is striking similarities in the apparent minimal damage in photos. I went and got a (free) quote from where i bought the bike, and was pleasantly surprised. My advice would be do that first, and see ho it goes. the problem is your bike is likely to be worth much more than mine on the policy!
  8. i'd have it either way, nice bike, a speedy is on my short list for a next bike.

    IMO it shouldn't have done any major damage to the engine, at idle like that, all the surfaces were already oiled, there's a fair bit of oil in the system, pump still pumping... you'd have to think it was ok.