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Broken spokes

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by nUt_rAt, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. I was cleaning the bike yesterday and one of the spokes was loose. That's odd, I thought.

    Took a closer look and found a total of four broken spokes! What the...?

    I ride the bike like a grandad, I can only guess it's the pillion work that I've been doing. Perhaps a 250 Intruder is a little small for a combined 160kg load?

    Obviously, this is an urgent fix. Do you think it safe enough to ride 10km to the mechanic?
  2. As long as you stay on the left lane & ride it like a granddad with no further stress besides your own weight added to the bike, you should be okay.
  3. And try not to lean too much in the corners.
  4. Yes I would agree, if the breaks are all in the same area the wheel will probably be out of round so be gentle with braking and acceleration. Wheel re-lacing and trueing can be a specialist job so the bike shop may not do it but they will be able to remove the wheels and send the wheels to a spoke wheel specialist.
  5. This doesn't bode well...

    Thanks all - I think I'll ring through before I drop it in. There are plenty of HDs and MX bikes about, so they should have someone able to do the lacing and trueing in Darwin.
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  6. Could be a good excuse to fit fat spokes. I love that look.
    Possibly might increase the load rating too. You'd have to see if they are actually any stronger than the originals.
  7. Fat spokes would work for me. I was even checking to see if there were any aftermarket rims that would get rid of spokes all together!
  8. My Harley was like this for years never had a problem but the missing spokes on my bike where not in the same spot
  9. It's a Harley feature, detects when there is excess weight and compensates by shedding unnecessary components.
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  10. All good, new spokes and a service. Running good as new.

    I still have no idea why they broke. Never had that problem on the ol' 74 Honda SL175 - and I used to ride that like no tomorrow.
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  11. where did they break? at the nipple (threads at rim) or halfway along the spokes?

    certain years of Avanti pushbikes had a big problem with "spoke cancer".. basically the metallurgy was wrong and they were getting corrosion at various points along their length.. not unusual to half more than half the spokes broken or about to break...

    normally spokes might break at threads at the nipple, due to stress and corrosion. anywhere else is a quality issue
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  12. They had all broken at the hub, so maybe it was a metallurgy issue after all.

    Very interesting...
  13. at the hub there may be stress-raisers as well, so maybe not quality as such
    if they are chromed, the chrome plating could crack there and corrosion start underneath.. not unusual, but not ideal

    here's an example of (probably) dodgy spoke manufacture.. multiple spokes, random breakage points
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