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Broken slider bolt / thread inside my engine mount. Brissy

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by zaydsr6, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. 2006 R6.
    I bought a pair of cheap eBay no-cut sliders (yes I know, I shouldn't have).
    Well I tried removing the right side slider the other day and one twist of the bolt with a socket wrench broke the bolt.
    So I've got the slider out, woohoo but the bolt thread has been left behind in my engine mount.
    Any idea where in Brissy I can go to so I can remove the damn thing 'cause I want to install a set of Motovation sliders now! I live in Sunnybank.

    Pls help as I've been trying to find someone for over a week now.

  2. suggest u find some mechanical/maintenance workshop.
    you need to use and easy-out, i think its called. basically, you drill into the leftover thread, screw in the easy-out, it then grips as you turn it, but i think its a revers thread, so as you tighgten it, it will twist the other thread undone.
    hopefully this will work, otherwise your gonna need to drill out the thread, and oversize it. which may no be an option :?

    ebay quality :wink:
  3. Re:

    Yea I read that before I posted my query. I've bought the tools but I've got the wrong drill bits and don't want to ruin anything on the bike, so I need a place to go to, so they can remove it.

  4. ring tommy at MMM mototrcyles in Moss st

    Tell him Tanya sent you and he'll look after you :)
  5. i can also vouch for tommy he has done some work on my mates bikes and they all rate him. I have had to use easy outs on a couple of bolts on a couple of my dirtbikes and 50 % of the time they end up snapping especially the smaller easy outs. Maybe a little bit of heat or wd40?? A couple of times i have cut a groove into the top of the bolt with a dremel and used a flat blade screw driver bit on an impact driver to belt it out slowly.

    But still there is nothing more annoying then a seized or snapped bolt makes me angry just thinking about it :evil: