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Broken Plate on Swingarm FZX250 Zeal

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by ZacCause, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. Hey Guys, i've got a FZX250 Zeal 98' and as I was riding it yesterday I heard a ceramic snapping style sound, I got off and checked it out to find this;


    I'm struggling to find a part name/part order for this particular bike as its not listed on the swing arm parts list, would anyone happen to be able to help me out? Thanks.
  2. Not sure it has a specific name. I would call it the swing arm adjuster plate on the end of the swing arm. Not a part that normally breaks or wears so you may be lucky and pick something up from a wreckers

    But looking at the pic the bike needs some serious maintenance, The chain and sprocket are filthy. Chain looks dry although that is difficult to tell from a pic. When was the last time you lubed and checked the adjustment of the chain? Poor chian maintenance can make things brake and if this is what has caused it, you are lucky that this is all that has happened. A broken chain while riding can be fatal.

    Also in the pic it looks like there is only one nut on the adjuster. Are there two and it just doesn't show clearly? If not should it also have a lock nut?
  3. Yeah it is in need of TLC, I have both nuts, I took it off to look at the plate and just hadn't put it back on. The chain is a little loose, I'm dropping it off for a service in a few weeks. I actually lube it up atleast once a month, or if it rains I will lube it after the bike is rained on. I've figured the chain slack was the reason for the plate to snap, it was very odd though. Anyways thanks.
  4. May i introduce you to a friend of mine
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  5. But in all seriousness, your bike being a grey import its gonn be tough getting parts so I'd start ringing around now so you can hopefully have the part ready for the service. I guess one good thing is its not a part I can imagine breaking very often, so any wrecker with a Zeal should still have it sitting there. They may also want you to buy the whole swingarm...