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Broken Mirror

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by norm79, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. I parked my bike this morning as normal, at Sussex street just under the bridge. There were plenty of parking as fewer people were riding to work due to the rains. When I picked up the bike after work, I found the LHS miror was smashed. :evil: Very un-happy about it. It does not look like to be an accident so I am wondering what purpose the person did this.

    Has anyone had the same experience? Also is anyone knows about the rough cost to replace a miror? I do not think it is worth of claiming insurance for it. Thanks.

  2. It is not worth claimng it from your insurance because of the amount involved. Try the bike wreckers. You will find that the part you need is not that expensive.

    Sorry to hear what happenned to your mirror.
  3. I think you can buy new mirrors for as little as $40 from places like MCAS (Motorcycle Accessory Supermarket). I haven't looked myself, but I know a friend is off to buy two for his ZZR600 tomorrow for this price.

    Not sure if they have them for a CB250, but it would be worth a call.

    And no, definitely not worth claiming insurance.
  4. The mirror was smashed by a **** simply because he happened to be a ****. There's no other reason for it.

    You'll get a mirror for a CB250 at a wrecker for stuff all. Parts for CB's are like parts for Commodores. The wreckers will no doubt have a box full of them. :) Put it down to bad luck and just be thankful the bike wasn't pushed over. :)
  5. thanks for the advise. Just called a wrecker and it will only cost $10 to $20 for one.

    The parking spot is not far from where I work so will do iregular check on the bike from now on. Hope not to let me to catch one......
  6. costs 7 years bad luck is what I heard.

    ....sorry....that was awful.