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broken mirror

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chango, May 11, 2006.

  1. does anybody know who rides the enormous red touring-style bike (a goldwing, possibly?) which is parked most days in the bike parking area near hyde park barracks in sydney?

    if you're reading this, i believe you broke my left-hand mirror as you were leaving this afternoon. i parked to your right around 4:00pm for a class and returned just after 6 to find you gone and my mirror broken out of its stalk.

    in fairness it may not have been you, but i find it hard to believe that you left safely prior to another rider coming, damaging it and leaving in such a short period of time. i also can't imagine it being an act of senseless vandalism at that time of the afternoon in the middle of the city, causing a small amount of very particular damage.

    unlike most of the guys who park there, i'm not a rich lawyer or merchant banker. i can only afford third party insurance, and even the cost of replacing a mirror, whether after-maket or original, is substantial to me. i take care getting in and out of tight parking, i would have hoped for the same from you - or at least a note.
  2. How sure are you that it was the Goldwing guy that did it? It could be anybody.

    If you think his bike hit your bike then the guy's bike would have been damaged as well. Check his bike for damage first before blaming this guy. I know Goldwing riders are a little bit different but they are also riders.
  3. i can't be sure that it was him (or her), and can't remember if it was even a goldwing (just a big red touring bike). but the short time frame means it's pretty unlikely to be anyone else. it would be interesting to see next time whether the bike is damaged at all, but it's qute possible that nothing was damaged on his bike on the way out.

    anyway no big deal, i was just annoyed at having to fork out money through no fault of my own. it's like a parking offence i never comitted but have to pay for nonetheless.