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Broken Kickstart...Fail Pinkslip?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by L0Ki, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys, Bike broke a kickstart and its due for rego. I can bump start it easily but will it pass a pinkslip like this? It needs to be started for the lights and all to work horn blinkers etc?

  2. Doesn't it have electric start?
  3. NUP...dirtbike. 90's model
  4. You'll need to fix the kickstart.
    A bump start isn''t really roadworthy.
  5. How about mirrors. It only has one. And only one mount for one only too. It's on the right hand side. Is that enough?
  6. Does the battery not power up the lights and indicators? You can go there with it on (after bumpstarting it) and not turn it off at all till the 'testing' is done.

    Do it at a car mechanics; they're not as anal. I did the pinkslip for the fzr while it was on a trailer, with a battery booster coz the battery was dead. They didn't get me to start it at all.

    Last I recall, one mirror was enough.
  7. Yea i would do that but unfortunately the motorbike has to be running for the lights to work. There is no battery. It sucks i know. lol.

    Thaks for the info regarding the mirror too!
  8. It will be fine.
    It's not on the list of things a mechanic has to check as far as im aware
  9. Should be okay.

    Good on you going the kicker. Electric start is a passing fad.
  10. Is that for the mirror or the kickstart or both?
  11. So I'm still looking for a kickstart for my bike. Anyone got any ideas for good wreckers in Australia. Ive tried Ebay and any reasonably cheap ones wont send to AUS. :( So im in a poo of a situation. Im guessing dirtbike specialists would be best.

    A Cr250 03 model kickstart will also fit the bike in question too so if you know of one sitting in someones place let me know.