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Broken gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by barnacle, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. So got my bike up n running, went out a got myself some safety gear dianese summer jacket bell revolver helmet. about a month in now and one of the snap lock has broken off the jacket and the sealing rubber around the visor is pealing away. My Q being is this just the thing with motorcycle gear ie not really the great in the details. I gotta say if this was my rock climbing or out doors gear (stuff of similar price) ide be pretty skeptical of the brand quality / safety. Unlucky perhaps? Whats peoples experiences with riding gear in general compared to other sports gear.

  2. Both the brands you mention are considered good/premium. Take the items back to the shop and ask for replacement or repair.
  3. Absolutely, I have both brands mentioned and have probably had around 8 + years of trouble free ownership from Dainese jacket..
    My Bell helmet is under 12 months old, so can't directly comment on that as yet.
  4. Looks like you have been unlucky.
    I've had Dainese, alpine stars, BMW etc jackets with out a problem.
  5. Take them back to where you bought them. Get them exchanged.
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  6. Like they said, take them back. Most bike gear is very durable, even the mid range stuff, and you've pretty much bought premium.
  7. I always keep the receipts for motorcycle gear in a safe place for this reason, Makes it much easier to return stuff on warranty issues.

    The things you have described are not normal and you should take them back for repair or replacement.
  8. sounds like the go, see if i cant drop by mcas tomorrow without blowing all my cash on stuff 'n' get em swapped over