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Broken Ducati 1098

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cazzo, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. So, a month or two ago I noticed a funny sweet coolant smell coming from my bike, which is a 2008 Ducati 1098, with 19,XXXk's on it.

    The smell progressively got stronger until one night I noticed my left hand fairing had coolant on it. So whipped the fairing off while the bike was still warm, had a look at the back of the fairing to see where the majority of coolant was. It pointed to the top left hand corner of the radiator, yep sure enough while hot and running pressing on the radiator it squirted coolant out in a couple places.

    After some research, I found out that a new OEM radiator is approximately $1,200 plus fitting and coolant. The other thing which I already had heard about, is it's a common problem with early build 848/1098/1198, in late 2009 Ducati changed the design of the radiator to stop the problem.

    In the mean time, a mates 1098 radiator had also started leaking but he has 30,000k's on his. On reading some forums, I found in the US that Ducati had been supplying new radiators at thier expense with owners contributing to labour. But this seemed to have ended last year and two guys in Oz were refused the same deal earlier this year.

    So, out with a carefully scripted email to both the CEO and technical manager of the importers into Oz and I had a reply within a couple hours.

    I dropped my bike at Metro Motorcycles Ringwood for and inspection. The inspection is to make sure there wasn't any crash damage. Few days later I called them, when they told me the repairs had been approved yet the radiator is on back order and will be 2-6 weeks, I understand this situation all too well as I run my own business.
    Bonus was, I got a phone call a couple days ago and collected my bike yesterday exactly 2 weeks later. The whole job only cost me $172.00, I'm certainly not complaining considering I could have been out of pocket close to $1,500.

    All in all, I certainly can not complain about Ducati honouring a faulty part on a bike that is 4 years old and two years outside of warranty period or the speedy service by Metro.
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  2. Nice outcome
  3. That's actually not bad.
  4. A fine example of business supporting their product and keeping there customers happy. Only wish more companies would do this!!!
  5. Great outcome... I would expect partially because its a $30k Italian bike, not a $15K jap bike
  6. Good to know
  7. I went in expecting nothing and came out the other side pleasantly surprised.
    Saying it's expected because of it's value isn't here or there, same for where it's built. There are Japanese bikes of the same or higher value out in the market, but how many manufacturers would stand by a fault well and truly past it's warranty period and on the third owner? I'd suggest non of them, not without a massive battle.

    Maybe they look it from another perspective. Fix a design issue from a few years ago, keep a customer happy and have them return the favour by staying with the brand.
  8. I am kinda suprised,if Frazers are still the distribuors I am even more suprised.Big tick for them.
  9. I am kinda suprised,if Frazers are still the distribuors I am even more suprised.Big tick for them.
  10. awesome... have a mate going through same process in nz... will be interesting to see if he has the same luck....
  11. The servicing dealer should also get a guernsey for asking the appropriate questions of the manufacturer. Makes me glad to have bought my bike from metro.

  12. The servicing dealer should also get a guernsey for asking the appropriate questions of the manufacturer. Makes me glad to have bought my bike from metro.
  13. geez guys even when you get an error don't post again the post comes through!!!!!!
  14. Good result, there could also be some consideration under Austrlalian Consumer law. There are words like safe and durable in the act. For instance would it be reasonable for a consumer to expect a Ducati component like a radiator or gearbox to last more than four years?
    If the answer is yes then the manufacturer may well have a liability to fix the problem, having said that many will try the deny, deny philosophy first and it's good to see in your instance they chose to take the best approach.
    And hey look at the good PR they are getting as a result, a happy customer is a brand's best advert.
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  15. #15 cazzo, Dec 9, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2012
    Well, I had initiated the contact with the importer, so I certainly knew the process before even getting a dealer involved. But top job on Metro's behalf on getting my bike semi unexpectedly and getting it back to me quicker than expected...Oh and clean!
    I actualy don't think any consumer laws protect you after the initial warranty period has finished..chime in Justus.

    I do recall a few years ago. A mate had his transmission let go in his Ford Falcon, it was in warranty by time but 20,000k over. Ford told him to walk, they weren't interested. Being a company car, his boss has never bought another Ford product, bonus for him as he is in a VW these days.

    Another note is, I didn't go in tearing the place up and making a scene like so many morons suggest. I've learnt as I get older, maybe even a little wiser that approach doesn't work.
  16. So who knew,I get a big sign saying ERROR.Never seen it before ,no explanation as to what error.That to me meant failure to post.And to the other bloke as well.
  17. check site discussion for more updates and tips.
  18. Metro/Jeffery seem like a decent dealer, they treat you well and seem to care about you as a customer.