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Broken Down Trucks on the Monash today [VIC]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oohsam, May 27, 2008.

  1. What up guys
    Left the bike at home..and was regretting it all teh way to work...was considering turning around and getting it..

    Anway. There was a broken down truck this morning on the monash before the toorak road exit (inbound) and then 10 meters after it, another truck and in between the two trucks there was 3/4 bikes parked and the riders all standing there having a little chitty chat and a laugh..

    I thought it was the strangest thing...anyone have any ides what the heck was goin on or if everyone was ok?

    Im just curious...lol....If i was on my bike I probably woulda stopped..I normally stop when I see a rider stopped on the fway or something...in case something happend...

  2. They were cheating the evil police state of funds by not filtering or splitting. They should have been told to get on their bikes and fulfill their civic duty to help fill the government coffers from criminal activities. :p

    Roadside chats and cups of tea!

    What is the world coming to? :roll:
  3. it was right on the high st on ramp. No idea what happened. I didn't stop to find out, considering I came onto the freeway on that ramp, and everyone seemed amiable and it didn't look like any one was hurt
  4. cant get on the monash without a bike nowadays
  5. Nothing. I'm fine. Why? :?
    I assume the truck drivers had stopped for a nap (not an issue as that road usually acts as a carpark anyway).

    The riders were laughing because they'd just put the truckie's hands in buckets of water and were waiting to see if they'd (the truckies) would wet themselves. :)
  6. Do you mean 3/4 litres (the bikes were 750cc) or are you sayiing the bikes were incomplete? :? :p