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Broken clutch linkage ?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by lowkey, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster.

    Anyway, I my bike managed to throw it's chain the other night (don't ask why :oops:) and at the same time the clutch lever or cable seemed to not be connected to the clutch anymore.

    I found out later that the chain has snapped off the clutch linkage rod (is that what it's called?) and I'll have to get it replaced.

    Thing is, how does one do this? I assume I'll have to take the clutch assembly apart after getting a replacement part, but I have no idea what to do from there.

    Oh, I'll also be replacing the chain and possibly the sprockets.

    My bike is a 2000 Suzuki GSF250V (Bandit).

    Here are some pics:


    (Remove the square brackets, can't post real URLs until I have 5 posts :()

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Anyone? Even have an idea how much it'll cost to fix if I cannot do it myself?
  3. go and give that fcuken thing a thorough clean....then come back with questions :!: :grin:
  4. Hey,

    Shouldn't cost too much. The thing thats broke is the push rod.

    I assume the bike doesn't roll in gear at all?

    See if you can get a magnetic extender wand thing and get the other part out of the engine.

    Not sure if theres any damage to the otherside (doesn't look like it).

    Then you just need a clutch cable. They're around $40.

    No idea how much the push rod is but have an ask around.

    When you pull the lever where the clutch cable goes does the inside part in picture 2 move at all?

    PS. The bikes always get dirty in that spot because the bottom of that cover is open. This especially happens when you oil your chain then ride over gravel or lots of dust. Hit it with some degreaser, eats the crap away like nothing.
  5. Thanks for the reply droy333. :)

    I thought the rod actually turned, meaning I'd have to open the clutch and replace a rod and other gear inside. Phew!

    I called my local Suzuki dealer this morning and he advised the rod should only be about $15.

    I assume the clutch cable includes a new lower section with the cam/worm gear that pushes the rod in?

    Yes, when moving the clutch lever, the other lever on the back of the sprocket cover moves, but I can't remember if the cam or worm gear was intact.

    Yeah it surprised me initially, but as you said it's open at the bottom, so all the gunge gets thrown up there. The sprocket and chain weren't very dirty.

    Since my chain has snapped this high-tensile steel rod in half, I assume it would be best to replace the chain and sprockets?

    EDIT: Yep I tried to roll the bike forward to put the chain back on but it is in gear. Left the chain off until I can get the clutch fixed.
  6. The clutch cable is pretty much just the cable with crimped/soldered ends on it. You can thread it through the existing run if you crimp/solder it yourself. Other than that you dont get the part it hooks onto on the inside of that cover.

    Might be a wrecker job if you need those parts.

    BTW. What the hell were you doing to the bike to snap the chain? Was it only a cheapie? Wheelies?

    Good luck with the repairs. Feels good once you get everything back up and working again.
  7. Thanks again :) I managed to fish the last piece out with tweezers (a neodymium magnet wasn't strong enough).

    Don't think I need a new clutch cable? The one I have isn't damaged.

    The cam at the bottom doesn't appear damaged, now that I've figured out how it works. (I thought something was missing when I couldn't see it moving laterally...turns out it was, just not by much, and now how I'd envisioned it...)

    Chain was too loose, and I decided to risk going on a ride instead of getting the right tools to fix it. Very silly in hindsight. Lucky no-one was injured.

    I've ordered a new left clutch linkage rod from my Suzi dealer - $13 and it should be in stock in a couple of days. Hopefully that's all that needs to be done, apart from chain/sprockets...
  8. I've ridden my bike with a really loose chain. The chain was touching the centrestand lol.

    Didn't ride it hard. Adjusting the chain is easy as.
  9. Good news! New clutch rod for $10 and it's alllll fixed! :D

    That's scary...chain touching the centre stand :eek: Mine wasn't that bad.

    Yeah I just adjusted it then. Easy when you have the right tools :D

    Thanks for your help!