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Broken Bike Watcher From Syd

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by barnacle, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Hey guys n galls,
    thought i should do the done thing and introduce myself. Brand new rider from syd. Piloted my way around a bit of south east asia on a scooter got home and my boss offered me a free fzx250 zeal if i'd get it out of his garage. Been in the process of riding it for a few days then fixing the bits that fall off RR, rear tyre, headlight wiring, seized brakes, rusty tank. Sitting around now waiting on my new fork seals to brutalize into place and hopefully see you guys back on the road. On the plus side i'm now on first names with the postie.

  2. Good work barnacle, we need more rat bikes :)
  3. Welcome to NR(y)
  4. Wow, talk about jumping in the deep end!
  5. thought i might add in the story of my bike so far since i haven't gotten to riding it enough for my first "oh man crashed so hard into a tree" post.

    Collected the bike from my friend between the two of us managed to just pick it up and lift it into a trailer. Got it home safe and sound. Now to look at what kinda trouble i'v gotten myself into.
    ooh filters


    turns out the inside of this thing is filled with other smaller things


    Now that a fuel sample. Brown fuels better then the regular stuff right? more octanes?


    Iron oxide coating protects the fuel tank from damage by petroleum contact. Fancy.


    this crack looking valve between the carburetor and cylinder lets in extra air for better power
    erganomic extra curly brake lever, must be aftermarket (nods thoughtfully)
  6. Got it registered after three trips back and forth from rta to mechanic in the rain to fix up the papers. Last trip they toke my plates off me. So of coarse i immediately pull out in front of a cop car. Though i guess he was less interested in standing in the rain then i was in sitting in it so an eyeballing and a friendly wave and he was on his way.
    Registration in hand and in-trepidation in heart i go out for my first real ride annnnddd its dead, regulator rectifier didn't seem to like my style. Pushed bike home :(.
  7. Welcome to the forum mate. I noticed in another one of your posts that you live in Stanmore. Where abouts or what street?
  8. That's like something from a Michael Leunig cartoon :p