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Broke my visor for the 3rd time in < 12 months

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sonja, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. I bought a nice AGV Syncro helmet for $380 less than a year ago.

    I have had the visor break 3 times on me.

    First was taking it off to clean it.
    Second was my bf picking it up by the visor (he paid for that one)

    I picked up my helmet to shift it from where it was (on the floor), and it slipped, dropping onto it's top from a height of maybe 10cm.

    When my bf and I were looking at helmets for him after his crash, we found that the majority of helmets had the same flaw that mine did: relying on a piece of plastic about 1mm wide to keep the whole visor on.

    My visors are $60 each, and I don't have the funds for a new one until I get paid again, in a week's time. I can't afford to keep having them break on me like this, and can't yet afford a better one (I wouldn't mind a Shoei for my next one. I've heard very good stuff about them).


  2. To avoid breaking the visor follow these simple rules:
    1. Don't take the visor off for cleaning.
    2. Don't let your boyfriend hold the helmet by the visor.
    3. Don't shift and drop the helmet.

    Following these simple rules may help you avoid breaking your visor.
  3. Check out the HJC helmets. I have the CL-14 and the visor mechanism and associated bit on the visor seems quite sturdy. I think they are an older model helmet (from last year or so) so you should be able to pick one up for a song.
  4. buy a Shark helmet. 3mm visor can basically fold over on itself and not break :)
  5. Visors make me feel clostrophobic. I really can't ride with it down....
    Unless you are riding through a swarm of bugs it's fine :D
  6. I have an AGV helmet and the visors have always held together nicely.. be nice to your visors ;)
  7. Get opet face helmet :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. +1 also Shark have the best system going around, press a button each side visor off, press button each side visor on.
  9. Dont think Id like to rely on a visor that is held on by that little bit or that breaks so easy. What would happen in a crash??
  10. if not try a suomy one they are very good and dont break real easy i havnt droped my helmet but i have take the visor off many times to clean and change (tinted) and never has it broken on me
    same with my new shoei helmet have taken it off to clean and change
    maybe save up and get one of these.... suomy are going for about the $300 buck margin and i got my shoei (xr 1000) for $680 with the tinted visor :grin: :grin:
  11. +1 for Shark

    I used to do that until I read about a guy that died from a dragonfly through the eye at 100km/h, true.
  12. +1 again for the shark visor, doubt you could break that without trying :LOL: just gotta hope they fit your skull :wink:

    last of your worries while actually IN a crash i'd think. if the road wants to bust through a piece of plastic, it will :LOL: its the cause of the accident thats a worry, a mate of mine had his AGV visor snap on him while taking a corner on the GOR, bit hairy for him :p

    IMO, the AGV and HJC visor systems are utter crapola. they seem to make decent helmets in all other respects, but FFS, you'd think you'd be able to make a visor with a bit of strength if you've been doing it for that long :roll: visors for these helmets are more like consumables, budget in for at least a few for the life of the helmet :LOL:
  13. haggismaen that is what I have and have not had a problem, where hubby has a shoie and the visor pops off it .
  14. mesh enforced visors FTW.
  15. I have an HJC helmet and the visor on that survived a decent scrape.

    Love my new Shoei though. The quality is much higher (mind you it was a cheap HJC bucket)

    Glad-wrap may be your cheapest in-between visor solution ;)
  16. I'm using an old one ( :? ) for now.

    I just have to save up for a new one.
  17. i have a cms, have crashed in it, and dropped it on the ground and taken it off toclean it and its never broken.
    I broke the clip off the side a few weeks ago... they gave me a replacment for free (ok i bought a new visor at the same time but :p)
    my helmet was either 350 or 250.
  18. take visor off and ride with goggles motorcross style?
  19. Yeah, buy a Shoei :)

    If you like, I have a spare HJC helmet with 2 visors, a tinted and clear. I'm returning back to canberra this weekend.

    Give me a pm if you're desperate.

  20. No one better dare to take that out of context... rofl :LOL: