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Broke down in North Melbourne

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by TWOMEY, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Hello all.

    I am a new poster here and to start it off on a sour note, I broke down at North Melbourne tonight on my CBR250RR when my throttle cable snapped taking a corner off Spring street.

    I then had to push my bike back to Kensington (5km) as I don't have RACV.

    and to top it off I have no tools here as I only moved here 6 days ago and left them all in Wangaratta.

    So basically I was wondering if there is a Mobile Motorcycle repair service in Melbourne or would someone be willing to come round and do it for a slab off beer or some cash $$

    Thanks guy and I look forward to lurking around here some more.
  2. Sometimes you can ride home by increasing the idle to a point where the bike will run at a moderate speed. Then take off with some judicious clutch slipping

    What tools do you need?
  3. Heh.. I've found I can do about 35 or so on the zed without even needing to use the throttle; I think maybe a little bit more if it's idling high when it's cold.

    Also, I'm not too far from Kensington; depending on what tools you're after, I might be able to pop over and help. Feel free to drop me a PM..
  4. I am going to drop into some shops tomorrow and see if I can sort out the transportation to get it fixed as I have never replaced a throttle cable before and wouldn't even really be sure where to start.

    Ill let you know how I go with that, as part of my lease I am not supposed to work on motors etc here. But tool wise I have nothing! Need to bring them back with me next time I head up that way.
  5. Pffft all lease contracts say that... What they don't know, don't hurt them.... Unless you burn the house down or something while fixing it.... ;)
  6. park it in the lounge , right next to the tele.
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