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Broadford Video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Roost, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Sorry I haven't had much of a chance to get on here lately... Been very busy. I did get a chance to get out at Broadford on friday and managed to shoot a bit of video from the bike if anyones interested. It's a full 20min session and around 130MB in size

    There's a couple more vids from the day here as well:


  2. Thanks Jake for the video, some nice riding by the way. Broadford isn't the cow paddock I was led to believe, might be worth giving it a go one day. Kev.
  3. Great stuff Jake! :wink:
  4. So you were the guy that went off on turn 1? I saw that and thought you were gone when you got onto the dirt but you did a good job and kept it upright! I was there but was in the beginner group on a FZR250 Red Bull colours.
  5. Yeah... It was resurfaced a year or two ago and it's actually really nice to ride. It's not the Island but it is definately the next best thing. And half the price!
  6. I missed a gear on the way down at the end of the straight and I had just a little too much speed for the corner. In hind-sight I think I could have made it but I was pretty confidant I could get through the dirt as well so I made the descision to go straight.
    Didn't feel that scary... Good to know so I can do it again if I need to I guess.
  7. I am now a Broadford convert. Done many practice days and several races, now love the place. It's far more technical than PI, much tighter.

    Those were some good times you've got there.
  8. Thanks Cejay, I agree. Much more technical than PI and much more tiring as well. Also a better track for a smaller lighter bike were a larger bike can't take avdvantage of power along longer straights and faster corners.
    I'll be there on Sat, you going?
  9. Nup, I was racing there last weekend. It suits my bike well.