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Broadford TrackDay May 30

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by theflanker, May 26, 2010.

  1. Im heading out to Broady this sunday, first time i've been at the track. Anyone else familiar with it? I've only ridden PI track, which is mainly lefties, i think broady is mainly right handers??
    any other tips / things i should know?

    Also the first time i'm taking my new 636 out on the track can't wait.

    Hope the weather holds out!>!

  2. if its the track im thinking (the one next to the dirt bike track) there is a big sleeping right hander after the start line that is off camber as you are exiting it, be careful of that, and this leads to a fast straight and another long right hander. To be honest, there are only a couple of left handers haha!

    but it looks like a sweet little track, would love to hit that up myself!
  3. It's a short track and relatively slow compared to PI. Will help hone cornering. Back straight is a little bumpy but that could just be me. Last and basically only left hand corner, is off cambered. Besides that there isn't much to say about the track...except you'll be having fun no matter what :).

    BTW it is pretty cold at this time of year...
  4. Phongus you are always cold and hungry!!!!!
  5. That's why I bought myself some thermals and always bring extra food to race/track days :p
  6. Had my first fang at Broadford only two weeks ago, so I'm no expert. But it's a great little track and fantastic fun. It's quite complex for it's size - two (maybe three) double apex corners, couple off-camber (or almost), and up and down hill. Clockwise, with only one proper left hander (but it's a doozy).
    Without knowing it well, it looked to me like the last two corners (downhill righty adjacent to the pit entry, and especially the off-camber uphill lefty before the start-finish straight, are the ones most likely to catch you out. But only if you push your luck. Saw a spill or two on turn one as well.

    Take it easy and you'll love it.
  7. As others have said a clockwise track with 2 right hand corners that bring you back onto the main straight . Take care with the right handers as your tyre won't have the same heat until you have done a few laps.Turn one is up hill right hander you can enter it faster than you think , it gets off camber on the exit if you are too wide . Back straight has a small jump off just be careful where you gear change as you cross it, possible tank slapper. Speeds of approx 200 kph on a 600cc so when you arrive at the next corner , called crash corner (for a reason) take your time to learn the exit. A quick right left than right onto the exit straight . This leads to a great double right hander then your back to the double lefts and the main straight. The island is all about high speed broady is all about corners and brakes . Broady is a easy track to learn the hard part is getting good speed from it. Take it easy by the end of the day you will go home with a smile on your face. If you like Broadford then try Winton and Mac Park
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  9. I was there on the 30th ... the guy in the Red group on a Mito. That was so much fun.

    I'm taking the Mito to Clive Carter next weekend, talking performance mods ... thinking a single-seat tail piece, performance exhaust & expansion chamber, and also doing something about the insane vibration (which I think is a mechanical fault; it's getting steadily worse to the point where it's rubbing paint off the bodywork).

    I must say I was very impressed with the way the track day was run ... much better organised with better facilities than the practice day at Pukekohe a few years ago. The tuition was good as well - I've been riding since I was 15 and it turns out I've had several bad habits since I started.

    Can't wait for the next one ...