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Broadford trackday 18th november

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by r1 robert, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Hi is any one going to broadford track day this weekend? :grin:

  2. me and my mate Mike are

    Look for an F3 CBR and a ZX6R (green) towed by a Combi van...... Come over and say Hi
  3. hi there i'll be there with two red ducatis and of course my bike blue r1. Just wondering hows the track and ant tips for the track. Itz my first time!
  4. Ah, k... No probs....

    Map here

    I have been there, but have never ridden on it myself....actually this is my first track day... Bit nervous.

    There are some reviews here
  5. same goes for me and my mates, cause we've done track day at Phillip island on melbourne cup day it was great!
  6. Just watching it..... here are my comments

    Turn 1 is a long duel-apex sweeping turn going uphill... the road seems cambered nicely, the turn tightens up significantly at the end as it turns onto the back straight and you should find that you lose a lot of weight from the front tire since you are coming over the ridge of the hill just as you are accelerating onto the back straight....

    The back straight runs along the top ridge of the hill and heads toward "crash corner"... Not sure why its called that.... Probably because no one crashes on it.... or not.... I would say that people probably get into that turn too hot regularly...

    As you come out of this right hander, you are on a short straight bit heading downhill...There is a bit of a twisty bit here, not super strong twisty... just enough to make you work... Into a fairly tight right-hander with a strong camber and then more downhill...

    This takes you to the lowest part of the track, (and the pits exit) where you have a very strong righthand corner.... then straight into a lefthander and back onto the front straight...

    These are all the significant corners...
  7. I've got a friend with a 98 ZX9R (have no idea what this is..just that it's a race bike :) ) . He told me to come up and have a look see on the weekend, but unfortunately my days are booked so I wont be getting up to watch him this time. If you see a guy called John on one of these, say hi to him from Rosie. :) He's from down this way.

    Have a fun weekend guys.

  8. I'll be there. No fancy pants trailers or removal of items. Just me on the bike there and back.

    Any guestimates on time it would take from Mordialloc/Mentone/Parkdale area to the track (on the Sat morning)?
  9. I'll be there with a few of the cbr forum crew.

  10. keen

    mite be up for it,how much??? the weather seems good :)
  11. My engine is seized ... again (hey its an RGV what do you expect :p) ... but I was thinking of coming and taking photos of a certain yellow and black cbr250.

    Anybody know if this will be a problem? I have been told that on some tracks they have deals with pro photographers and wont let amateurs wield cameras since it might eat into their profits .. so anybody know for sure what the situation at Broadford will be tomorrow?

    Anyway, if I can't take photos I might just stay at home tomorrow and pull the engine apart and see what the damage is like this time :roll:

    P.S Anybody got a mobile number of the organisers because I am happy to give them a ring and ask?


  12. I've been there with the photographer they use. It was no problem.

    Generally they have better access, better equipment and talent and their photo's are very very good.

    Broadford ain't that far from Nth Melbourne, go anyway and have a great time smelling the fumes....
  13. It was awesome! Better than I thought... and I was better at it than I had hoped for..... which is always good....
  14. Yeah it was great , my bike was good in corners and this time i had my knees to the ground the feeling was great, great crowd in th beginners group, overall great day.
  15. I only scraped my knee a few times, I think I scraped my toes more! (luckily I bought the boots with the toe sliders)
  16. you guys piss me off!! After doing three track days up there over winter (riding through sub-zero mornings to get up there) and just turning up on the day to pay, i get a call from my bro two days before this one to hear its SOLD OUT. :cry: damn you sunny weather riders.
    personally i love the track - it has a great surface and plenty of knee down corners - next time i'll know better and actually book a slot :roll: