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Broadford trackday 16/1/11

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Sheeth, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Me and my brother are very exited about this coming up in the next month. I'm just spending some time now getting my bike and gear tip top.

    Anyone else going?

    UPDATE and PHOTOS page 3
  2. Doing Phillip Island that day and then Broadford on the 29th. Have a blast........it's a great little track.
  3. im thinking about this. my bikes ready to go back together,as long as it runnng ok ill be there. just need to get another lid!
  4. i'll most likely be there too, pending work.
  5. Won't be able to make this, Sheeth.
    Hope you and your bro have an awesome, educational and fulfilling day at Broady ;)
  6. I might try and make it if money allows...just a test and tune day for me really. If not I will try and be there as a flag marshal.
  7. I'm booked for the 16th, first time on Broadford and cant wait!
  8. Really looking forward to this guys!

    Im just hoping i get a few things sorted on the bike in time!

    Im still waiting on a clear screen, nuts gaskets and bolts, new boots and new gloves. Also need to get my new tires fitted and set up my suspension properly.

    All around work and with my favorite shop closed for the holidays!

    What are you guys riding so we can look out for each other?
  9. silver/black 04 r1 with Dynoverks stickers on the swing arm.

    not 100% on attending tho, pending work still.
  10. I've seen your bike there SHEPPO..nice mate (y)

    (Mine keep ending up with the same stickers from time to time :) )
  11. I will be there on a multi coulored zx9,should be easy to pick out its green.black,blue and gold
  12. Arghh... bummed i'm going to miss this as now back in Shanghai. Was hoping there woulod have been an early jan date... sigh

    Hope you guys have a blast!

    ps. watch the camera as i'm pretty sure the marshals wont let you out on the track with it per champion ride days restrictions, so keep it off during scrutineering
  13. I have a Black Superduke, really looking forward to this - weather forecast looks perfect too
  14. I'm not doing the tracky but plan on heading up to hang with a few mates who will be there. Hopefully the weather Gods are smiling :)
  15. me?

    Rumour is one of the lads has pulled out and I might get his spot :)
  16. It's gunna be a hellova crew, I think they plan on taking over...

    I just posted a ticket today grrrl, if I had of know I would of handballed it. Raven's got it.
  17. DO IT chick!

    yes I'm IN!
  18. Tag team?

    I didn't realise this was on. A day of bikes at a favourite track of mine would have been medicinal.
  19. not a bad day out there. i was getting around in slow group as it was my first time on broady/the track, but quickly moved up to the green group. probably shoulda gone upto blue aswell, but was fun having the track to myself for most of the day lol
    howd everyone else go?

    that wasnt you who got pulled up for the gopro on the helmet was it sheeth?