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Broadford track day, this Monday 17th

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Hey Guy's, I'm thinking of doing a Broadford track day (as if I haven't done enough laps there!) this Monday the 17th of April. It is a 'Champions Ride Day', the cost is $125ea or $100ea if we get six riders to come.

    There'll be graded groups and all road bikes are allowed, gates open at 7.30am and riders need to be signed-on by 9.00am.

    If you want to do it, call either me (0407 348 800) or 'Champions' (0427 771 451) and tell them that you are part of the Netrider group.

  2. sounds quite good johny :grin: will talk to ya about it tonight, will probly cage it up an watch though! the weather is meant to be nice monday too :grin:
  3. Already booked myself into PI for Monday, otherwise I would've loved to have come along.
  4. Broadford is only 1 hour north of Melbourne, the weather forecast is looking good for tomorrow. It costs nothing to come and watch and if you want to ride on the track you don't need a race licence.

    I'll be at K-Mart on the Hume Hwy Campbelfield at 7.00am tomorrow morning (in the van) if anyone wants to ride out there that early. If others are riding out later, maybe you could post a meeting time?
  5. *giggles* the van eh????

    could not resist sorry
  6. Hi Johnny, I'm booked in, spoke to Nicole this morning, all sorted.
  7. Ha ha, you never know :shock: :wink:
  8. I have already booked might see you there I'll be riding a 97 gixer 600 that needs a bit of work. I be glad if it dosn't blow up.
  9. Great day weather wise, not so good a day for poor Cliff (Cejay), he spent much of the day working on his new VFR400 play bike; we think it could have a faulty pulser coil or something to make the front two cylinders mis-fire.

    It was good to see some Team Netrider's there.... Kate, Ruby, Troy, Adrian, Sarah and Jade. Thanks for your support & company, Cliff & I appreciate it.
  10. Some dude got clocked @ 200kmh on the Hume this morning, the six o clock news said that his reason for speeding when asked was that he was on his way to a motorcycling event in Broadford :LOL:
  11. That was a nice way to spend a day. Wish i had have gone on the track now! Always a next time. Rubes had a ball, she cant wait to buy a bike. (Reminds me of myself when I was that age :) )
    Hope you sort the viffer out Cliff, unfortuantely not the kind of bike you can blat down the road to check for faults. well, spose you could....
    Everyone ready for next weekend??? GO TEAM GO!!! YAY
  12. i hope im going to be fully recovered by next weekend :grin:
    currently struck down with the flu and it aint getting much better at present :mad:
    hope to see u all next sunday :)
    ciao love Jay
  13. That would explain the Ch7 news team then...
  14. No!, those bastards were making all the traffic slow down & bank up, just for something to report I bet. God I crawled in first gear for about an hour until I got to them!
  15. channel 9 is much better cause BRIAN TOLD ME BRIAN TOLD ME BRIAN TOLD ME SO :!:
  16. Was actually a positive piece for a change.

    Talked to a few people there and went along the lines of this is the place to do it and not on the freeway so it wasn't all bad.

    As for the traffic, you've got to remember it's Easter Monday and everyone is heading home from a long weekend away at the same time as you were heading home from Broadford. I drove back from Warrnambool this arvo and did my usual Mortlake, Lismore, Scarsdale, Ballarat, home run avoiding all the problems of the GOR traffic and everyone else trying to get through Geelong & Colac (it's at least 45 minutes quicker on these sort of days).