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Broadford Track Day Sunday 13 Feb 2005

Discussion in 'VIC' started by jdaley, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Organised by the HMRAV any road registered bike or bike suitable for racing are welcome. Costs $90. The day is run with fast, slow and slower separations, all participants need FULL LEATHERS race safety gear, a licence and insurance. Insurance for the day is available with a Recreational Track Licence costing $15
    More details on www.hmrav.org or call Robert Todd on 5967 2480
    Book for the free BBQ

    Get there :Action starts about 9.00am
    Head north along the Hume Highway and go past Kilmore.
    About 20 km north of Kilmore you will see a big sign on the left hand side" State Motorcycle Complex", take the turn off, cross over the highway to the right and its about 1km from the highway on the right. Take the right turn inside the gate and travel up over the hill to the road race circuit and head over to the Pits. There will be action about so look for Toddy.
  2. no probs mate,will keep u informed
  3. I'm entertaining the idea of going along for a ride. Would anyone else be interested?
  4. :shock: :shock: I think we will be busy. It's THAT weekend my dear ;) :p
  5. Ahhhh sh1t !!!!!!! :(

    ......I mean, oh! isn't that great! :p :LOL:

    Isn't Broadford on the way? Sort of....?
  6. There's always the evening and Saturday Debs :)
  7. I realise that but the weekend we have "planned" is to go to Hanging rock on Saturday and stay at Woodend for the night. ;) :D
  8. I should be taking my race Benelli out for this day for a bit of practice/testing for the first round of the Victorian Championships which is on the 26/27th of Feb.
  9. Hey Guy's, I'm going out to Broadford for a practice on the 13th (probably again on the 20th also), if anyone is interested in just riding out for interests sake or if they want some help/advice to dial their suspension in for track use, I'll be there.
  10. Hey Johnny O, thinking of heading up that way myself, do you go up the day before or on the morning of the day ?
  11. At this stage I think I could make the 20th if that's the go. We should think about organising a "support" group for Johnny at the races.....ride down, watch some racing , yell some abuse, ride home. How's that sound?
  12. Sounds good but 'ride down, watch some racing , yell some abuse, take the Benelli out and ride home' sounds better :LOL:
  13. Your wisdom in this matter should be noted... :D :LOL: .

    Johnny, need a pit crew???
  14. what's the insurance cover does anyone know?
  15. Hey guy's, thanks. I always drive up to Broadford on the morning of the day I am riding, even if it is a 2-day race event, I still come home Saturday night and drive back out on Sunday morning; it only takes an hour to drive there from Melbourne.

    I would always appreciate any support or company at race or practice days; feel free to drop in and say hello at any time, even at the World Supers at Phillip Island, I think the support 'paddock' is open to the public.
  16. I don't have a pit crew other than Brigitte, any help is always appreciated..... 'Team Netrider'?
  17. Insurance cover for what? Machine, third party, personal? I think it is only covers for death and partial dissability.
  18. there was something said about insurance at the start of the thread. just wondering (hoping) if it covered such things as destroyed bikes or just death.
  19. Make that two, I'd be happy to help. I don't know what help you'll need but if it involves carrying stuff I'm a pro. You name it, I can probably carry it. I'm really good at standing around too, great in fact. Let us know what's happening closer to the date, do we need pit passes etc?? Oh and I've mentioned "Team Netrider" to Debs.....
  20. Damm Johnny O, just saw the other post about PI and the track day with Aus superbike school,

    hmmmm $115 to ride Broadford or $199 to ride the island, tough choice.

    does the Broadford one supply lunch aswell or is it just the use of there track and insurance ?