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Broadford track day Sun Oct 7 :-)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Hey Guy's :)

    The next Champions Broadford track day is this Sunday at Broadford, the weather forecast is for a dry day, bring it on!

    I'll be coaching, this'll be my last day coaching for a month or two, I go in next Wed for a new knee joint.

    If you wanna get fast & smooth with MotoGP syle, call 07 5549 0364 and book in.
  2. The weather is looking dry for the day :)
  3. Any room for an interested onlooker? I won't be riding, but I'm keen to come along, see the track, and get a feel for how these things go...
  4. gundy. just book in.
    I dont know how you ride but im sure you'll be great in the red group! As long as you have all the right gear, its all systems go.
    Why wait to see what happens? its not rocket science, you just ride safely around, as fast as you want to go. Theres even a person who calls your group out to let you know when to go on the track ;)

    I'll see ya there!
  5. If i had a bike at the moment, i probably would.. hopefully it won't be too long and i'll be on two wheels again. I figured that this might be a good way to get some vicarious thrills in the mean time, as well as getting a feel for broadford.. :)
  6. It certainly is free to come out and watch, there is a food canteen with good coffee.
  7. got pneumonia. this will be interesting come sunday...
  8. Just booked! This will be my first track day and looking forward to doing it with this tuition. see you there!
  9. The weather's looking good, we'll have a great day :)
  10. hrrrrmmmmmmm. I want to come sooo bad, my back is still out though :( might be pushing it, no, will be pushing it.
  11. Ahh I'm still riding with a knackered knee that's being replaced this Wednesday and a hip straight after that! Just need a cup of concrete in the morning ;-)
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  12. never been on a track in my life . been watching racing and riding for 30years . is 50 too old to start track days on my 22 yo CBR1000F
  13. Just booked it in and tuition as well. Probably need it to regain some confidence after my previous spill, having trouble with right turns now.
    looking forward to meet you Johnny :D
  14. A day at Broadford should take care of any issues you have with right turns.

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  15. Well, I headed out for a look today, and all I can say is that I'm jealous of all the people who managed to get out on the track. It was a great morning for it, and it looked like a hell of a lot of fun. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.


    I can't wait to get out there myself now...
  16. Never to old Ozzy.
  17. sounds like a plan for the warmer months then :-s
    I'd be pretty pissed if I book and it rained .
  18. was awesome! my first track day and i loved it, best thing i've done on a bike.
    Great to meet you Johnny O, good luck with the operation!
  19. Boys, how was the drive home? Hope not too hard!!

    Thanks Johnny for a great day. The misses loved it hahaha..
    The Coaching was well worth it and i would recommend it to anyone! Look forward to working on the pointers you gave and changing the gearing to give you a run for your money ;) Good luck on Wednesday for your surgery!

    See you at the Preston Day come Nov.
  20. Yeah, I did a track day there on friday and the right side of my tyre was fried. Awesome track, a lot more techinical than I expected. Struggled to get the left hander onto the straight right.