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Broadford Track Day: SAT 24-3-07

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Skurfer, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys

    Natta and I will be making our way to the Champions ride day on the 24th March and just putting it out there to see if there is anyone else that is interested in coming along.

    If you are on your Ps it is fine to ride, but unfortunately, champions does not allow L platers.

    Will be our first time to Broady, but it is meant to be an alright track.


    Can book here - http://www.championsridedays.com.au/dates.asp

    Now just have to get stuck into the rebuild of my 125 before then.
  2. Are you guys going to ride up?
  3. Whooooo, track day. yeah apparently good for smaller capacity bikes

    Rebuild the fun :roll: :roll:

    The plan is to trailer up. Is a pain to ride up, ride on the track and then ride home. We might be able to work out something.

    So Jules, u still havent hit the track then. real bumber how that one was cancelled. Be cool if u could make it.
  4. Ohh yeah, Chris.

    24th march is actually a saturday.
  5. Hey Natta, I'm still hanging to do one at Broadford, not sure if I can make it up to this one yet. I'm also thinking of going to Winton for the Aus Superbikes which is on that weekend too... I'll let you know if I can make it up, cheers!
  6. I'm booked in.

    Anyone else coming to broadford?? There is still spots
  7. Do you need full leathers?
  8. :shock:

    Nah - T-shirt, thongs, and shorts should be plenty of protection if you come off and slide along the road at >200kph.

    Okay - enough sarcasm.

    If you're going to do a track day, you owe it to yourself to have a full leather suit, either a one-piece, or a 2-piece that zips together around the entire waist.

    Anything less and you're rolling the dice with your skin.
  9. Hey Skurfer and Natta, I'm booked in for the 24th.

    What bikes are you on? Come and find me, I'm on a red Triumph TT600 track bike with "4 SALE" in green tape behind the seat on the left hand side.

    A fun track, should be a great day :grin:
  10. Hi Jkat.

    Well i am no longer going to broady unfortunatly. Due to my spill. (posted in general discussions).

    Might come up for a look around and that. so might see ya.

    Hope u have a great day.
  11. So I am guessing that means you loose your money?

    I might be heading up on Saturday if there is no rain, but will leave the final decision until Friday, if so I might be able to take your spot and give you the $$$ for the day if I decide to go, what group are you booked into, I was going to ride in intermediate, I think Champions let anyone change groups anyway.
  12. Natta that sucks, and is something none of us want to experience. Heal well and get back on the road soon! Well, you may get a track bike out of it yet! :grin:

    Do come and say hello if you do come up, but make sure you look after that leg - far more important!

  13. I am heading up there tomorrow, just hope there will be some dry sessions, haven't booked, but was told that there is still a lot of spots free.
  14. Another awesome day at Broadford, I didn't book but headed up there because a couple of mates had already booked and committed to the day. Well leave home at 6.30am and the rain pissed down all the way to Broadford, rained until about 9.00am, then light rain for about another hour which was off and on, after the first session the weather looked like it was clearing as well as a dry track by now, it was time to pay my money and get the bike out of the Van.

    Well after 5 sessions later and it was well worth the effort to make the trip to Broadford, the rain stayed away most of the day, it was a dry track from 11am onwards

    Bit a bugger for JKat who dropped the bike coming out of the left hander onto the main straight, saw a bit of grass and the rest is history, but she seemed very happy to experience the off, bike damage was minimal but unrideable for the rest of the day.

    Was my second time at Broadford, it's a harder track to ride than Phillip Island.
  15. you're becoming a track day junkie!
  16. Made my way up with crhis(skufer), even though not out on the track had a great time.

    As "doit" says the day looked pretty gloomy, but cleared out to be quite a day.
    It wasnt so good for the netriders at broadford. Jkat(Jarrah) had a spill as said, caome out with a broken handlebar and tail piece. She was fien though, that was good and encouraging. Hope ur not too sore/bruised? Get better soon.
    Also chris decidied to do some bush bashing in the dirt just before thetrack exit to pit lane. He did a huge tank slapper but kept it up, that was very well done. THe track marshal said to chris. "havent seen anyone save it there in a while'.
    All in all i think there was 10+ people that came of bikes. Dont think anyone was seriously injured though.

    It was very entertaining to watch, the spread of bikes was amazing. There were the usual suspects(gsxr's, r1, cbrs,zxr) but also there were some older bikes from the forgotten era, vtr250 and gpx250 that were hammering, and a whole lot of 2smoker. :grin: :grin: There was a little yammy 125gp that looked more like a pocketbike. It was keeping up with the 1000's even down the straight. It was running on ethonol. No wonder :grin: :grin:

    "Doit" was looking for a Black R6 whole day but didnt see it. No doubt u would have seen me, the guy limping around on crutches.

    Great day, even having to watch from the sidelines. Was so jelous!!!

    Good on everyone who was there.


    Will post up some pics soon
  17. I did see you, but didn't know it was you, I think I was the only one out there on an R6 yesterday.

    You didn't see this bike, had a lot of people coming up to me asking about the bike.


  18. Prob did see u, but not next to the bike.
    Thats a nice bike u got there. What Group were u in? what times were u running?
  19. Green group, and don't have a clue what times, all I know is I was passing bikes out there and none passed me. I doit for the fun, I am not a racer so the times mean nothing to me.
  20. Was the GPX250 me? bike: blue with yellow decals, leathers: black white and blue, helmet: blue sword CL-14. It was my first track day and I had great fun beating the slow group through corners and under brakes.
    I rode there in the rain and that sucked, but fortunately I got a ride back in a van with the guy who maintains Ridetek's bikes. I was damn worn out from tucking in and hanging off.
    It started raining in the last session, but overall the weather was very good considering the nasty forecast.

    There was also a slow R6 in the slow (red) group