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Broadford track day (Champions) - 10 March

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Marvin K Mooney, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. I'm a very new Netrider member but have been riding for over 10 years and have done a few track days. Wondering if anyone's heading to Broadie on Labour Day (10 March) for the Champions Ride Day. I'll be there with an old 'Blade and it'd be good to have some company. Cheers :grin:

  2. Marvin K Mooney will you please.... Um... What was the next bit?

    Welcome to NR, I'll be having a fang at the Island on the 10th, here's hoping there's some other NRs down at Broady that day!
  3. '... go now!'. Got to know that one pretty well when I was a young tacker.

    Ta for the response. See you trackside then. Looking forward to it. I've been off a bike for about 9 months (longest time ever since I got my licence) and I'm picking up an old ''urban tiger'' 'Blade tomorrow.
  4. I hope that they have patched the track where the fire happened.
  5. The track has kinda been patched.

    It's still noticeable but not off putting or anything.

    i was there last weekend and the race line was just next to it, or atleast we made it just next to it just to avoid it. Still was a quick line.

  6. Thanx PK64, I was wondering.
  7. Hey Marvin,

    I'll be there on Monday and possibly Sat as well. Can't miss me, white 05 R1 #43, be glad to have a chat.

  8. Excellent. I'll be sure to say g'day. I'll be the one wobbling around on an old 'Blade. Weather looking good.
  9. Hi guys.
    Yes also new to the forum. Live in Shepparton and will be at Broady. 04 ZX6RR green and black, number 81.
  10. Hey Marvin, were you the guy who came and asked us about Pete the Pom & the blackbird?
  11. Yep, that was me. I didn't see any of the other fellars but had a good day. Slipping clutch was a bummer but it gave me an excuse for being so slow..